Budget development of online-store

So, you have made the decision to launch the online store, but the initial capital is limited. Let me show you a few variants on how to create the online store based on CS-Cart.

As you see, the thriftiest option is to purchase the CS-Cart license and installation of it to the server. After this you just need to fill the store with your products and promote your store in the internet.

One more balanced solution is development on CS-Cart CMS + Youpi. This variant costs a little bit more but it provides you with huge number of useful and cool features to improve your store.

In any case, the steps to launch the online store is almost the same for any budget. They are described below.

  • Step 1. Selection of the hosting and domain
    Firstly you should choose the hosting and the domain for your web-store. We will install the CS-cart for you for free.
  • Step 2. CS-Car license purchasing
    The next step will be purchasing CS-Сart license. You can choose CS-Cart or CS-Cart + Youpi. We have prepared the comparison chart of these licenses on the top of the page to make the choice easier for you.
  • Step 3. CS-Cart installation
    Now it’s time to install the CS-Cart to the server. We can do it for you for free. This process is quite simple and does not require the deep technical knowledges.
  • Step 4. Choosing of the theme and add-ons
    If you want to make your store appearance brighter and more interesting you can choose the . Please, note, this step is needed for CS-Cart only, not for CS-Cart. If you purchaseCS-Cart + Youpi license includes the special custom theme and many visual improvements. Furthermore, the theme developed by one company can be incompatible with the add-ons developed by another company. By the way, this is also the reason why we do not recommend you to choose many add-ons from different companies. Usually, it causes lots of problems in the functionality and it can be very difficult to find out and solve the problem. The optimal solution is to choose the theme and add-ons at our Marketplace.
  • Step 5. Setting up and the filling the webstore
    Now when you have the store with chosen features installed it is time to handle with payment and shipping methods and other necessary settings. After this you need just to add the products to the store and start promoting the store via Internet. In order to get more information about the settings you can use the following resources: CS-Cart docs, CS-Cart video turtorials, CS-Cart + Power Pack docs.
  • Step 6. Promotion of the webstore
    You are ready to give the world a visual of your online store. In order to do it we recommend you to contact our partners from seo.ru. They are the really cool professionals and you assure yourself of this as soon as you start working with them. They will help you to set up the context advertising and take the highest place in the search system.
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