Cart-Power news for August 7 – August 14, 2017

Cart-Power news for July 31 – August 7, 2017
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Cart-Power news for August 7 – August 14, 2017

Dear friends!

Do you send e-mails to your clients often? Do you ask them to leave a review, or do you offer discounts? From our own experience we know, what a challenge it could be to write a good letter.

And what if someone (or something) will for it for you? Just configure e-mail templates, add a singe line to server Cron table and that's it! Our Abandoned Cart and Wishlist Reminder and Orders Feedback add-ons will do the rest for you:

- remind customers about products left in a cart;

- ask for a review from those, who have already bought something;

- email a list of viewed products to clients;

- help you get your customers back to store.

Why should it be done right now? Summer is about to end soon, and it will be a real pleasure for your clients, returning from vacations, to get a small, but a nice bonus. For instance, a discount for a favorite product in the cart. We understand how important it is for you to remind the customers about your store. That is why we can offer you 30% discount to the mentioned add-ons: Abandoned Cart and Wishlist Reminder and Orders Feedback. To get it just enter our promo-code OFACR-30 when ordering them in our store. 

Hurry up, the discount can be activated only until the 15th of August!

Abandoned Cart and Wishlist Reminder
The Abandoned cart and Wishlist reminder add-on is used to bring customers back and persuade them to complete unfinished order. The administrator can send email reminder notifications to a registered customer with abandoned cart, place special offers for customers who are about to leave the store with some product in the cart.
Orders Feedback
The Orders feedback add-on is used for automatic sending e-mails to customers who placed an order in the store. The store administrator creates the template of the e-mail with the request to leave a review about the product. The administrator can create as many templates as he/she wants. It is possible to choose different order statuses and create unique templates for different languages.
High profits and see you soon!
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