Bright colors and labels for your store

You ask – we do!
Welcome to our re-newed store!

Bright colors and labels for your store


Firstly, we have enhanced functionalities of the Related colors add-on released a couple of weeks ago. The following features are added for your conveniences. So, now

1) related colors groups can be placed both directly on the product page or in the special tab,

2) related colors groups have unique label (names) and these labels can be turned on/off for each group separately,

3) one product can belong to several related colors group.

These features make you related color groups more usable, useful and attractive, so that your customers will be happy to go through products in your store and find their ideal one.


Secondly, this week we have received some reasonable tips on how to improve our Power labels add-on. The applied changes enable adding  unique labels for a category on the category details page in the administration panel of your store. This label is displayed together with other labels according to their priority and add-on setting on all products in the category. We think,  the products label are managed much more easily than before.

Also, we made few changes in the add-on code according to HTML Checker service. 


We continue working on other improvements of our add-ons and inform you about the results in one of our articles. 

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