Intargated interent-marketing

The certain types of the advertisement do not work anymore. The modern market needs the comprehensive approach. The integrated internet marketing includes all necessary actions to increase the online sales.

One of the business analytics models that we use is SOSTAC. SOSTAC includes 6 steps to be done within the marketing program.

  • Situation analyzes is the first what we should do. We need to understand where we are, where our competitors are and where our customers are now.
  • Objectives are the second step when we determine the specific goals to achieve.
  • Strategy means how we will achieve these goals.
  • Tactics and tools are what we use to get the results wanted.
  • Activities are the list of certain actions to meet the goal.
  • Control and checking is the final step to monitor the results with the efficiency markers (KPI, ROI, CPA, LTV, etc.).
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