CS-Cart “Power statistic” add-on is released!

Conversion Statistics for your store!
CS-Cart “Power Statistic” add-on features update

CS-Cart “Power statistic” add-on is released!


Dear Friends,

We extended our Conversion Statistic add-on, added a lot of new features and renamed it.

So, we are proud to present you our new "Power Statistic" add-on.

The "Power Statistic" add-on is very effective and configurable tool which allows administrator to collect additional statistic and show different useful information in customer area. Add-on allows to see much information about customer actions. For example, add-on allows administrator to see where the customer came on the site from before he made a buying and see which income you get from the click-through of a determined resource. Administrator also can look through all the click-throughs to his site, choose the period he is interested in, to show different useful information for customer such us user(s) online block, detailed information about product popularity, information about orders and much more.

Take a look much information here.

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