The First Spring Renewal

CS-Cart “PayFast” Payment Method Integration

The First Spring Renewal


Let us introduce you several useful add-ons that make your store really profitable: 

1. One Step CheckoutAutocomplete added

Now when your customer start typing his/her Address the system automatically checks and offers variants of the address to be added. This function is based on Google and Yandex geocoding service. You can specify the preferable service on the add-on settings page in the administration panel. Any other settings or keys are not required.

2. Live Search: Add to cart changed

We replace the orange rectangular Add to cart  button in the Live search results pop-up with two icons. The Cart  icon is for products without options. When you click it, you add 1 piece of product to the cart. The Eye icon is for products with options. When you click it, you open the default Product Quick View pop-up to choose the options.

3. Color/images filter: Total feature interaction changes.

You don't have to create new features in the separate page anymore. Now all features have the special settings Use Color/Images filter on the detailed feature page in the administration panel. When this setting is turned on, you are able to add images or colors to your features. 

4. Power labelsSpeed-up

The pages are loaded faster due to decreased number of SQL request and code optimization. 

5. Automatic Administrator TasksNew setting added

We have added the Delete after upload functionality to the Upload to FTP and Dropbox task. if you use it the uploaded files will be removed after uploading so that you will have only one copy of this file and save empty space on your server.

One more good thing about this add-on is the ability to set up the e-mail notification for each task. You can specify different e-mail for different tasks.

6. Additional products and Product packages: Design changed

Now you can use the Column number setting to make your additional products section more attractive. You can choose 1 or 2 for all store and specify the number for each product separately. Note, that we have changed the location of the additional products block in the Big Picture product page template. Now it is under the image not in the right column. 

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