New add-ons

Prepare your store for Summer with Cart-Power add-ons
You ask – we do!

New add-ons


Glad to introduce you our new add-ons! 


1. Clone Order

This add-on is useful for those who need to create the orders via fast and accurate copying of the existing orders. The personal information is copied automatically. The copying of other data can be configured in the add-on settings.


2. Comments and Reviews Enabler

This add-on is used to change default settings of the CS-Cart built-in Comments and Reviews add-on. As you know by default it is turned off for new products, categories, orders and pages. Using the add-on you can set different types of reviews (comments, ratings, etc.) for newly created essences. Also it allows mass update of review types for pages, categories, etc.


3. Vertical Menu

Use this add-on to set additional template of vertical menu. It enhances downward, uses different color schema and  enables the interesting shadow effect for menu block. 


4. Related colors

This add-on is a good solution that help you to combine information about similar products on the product page. This module creates special block with the colored or imaged links. For example, if you sell clothes and each item of clothes is a separate product, you can place the links to these products. If you sell gadgets, you can place links for products of the same color or of the same brand, etc. The links are displayed in one line, theor shape and size can be changed for each group, so that the design will meet all design requirements. 


5. Options Variants Table

Loads of settings enable displaying options in the table. You can add images to this table, set its height and choose options or option combination to build this table. Your customers will see all available options and their inventory. It is enough to type number and click the "Add to cart" button to add necessary number of product to your cart. 

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