Welcome to our re-newed store!

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Welcome to our re-newed store!


Dear Friends, 

We are glad to introduce you the new design of our store.


Now the information about add-on compatibility is placed under the main image of the add-on, the video instructions are on the right of the image.

Under the "Buy Now" button on the right, you can find all statistic information - the number of reviews, purchases, etc. Under this section, there are links to CS-Cart Forum and Marketplace together with Demo installation.

The general add-on features and additional information are placed under the image gallery with pictures of add-on settings and results of its work. Other options, like domain, platform version, the number of storefronts, etc., are displayed on the pop-up window after placing add-on to the cart.


Also, we removed additional fields from the Checkout page so now you should enter your e-mail, company name, and the VAT number only. As for other fields, you can fulfill them in your personal account in our store.


Hope you find these changes positive. If you face any problems or have any questions, leave your comments here or send us the e-mail to sales@cart-power.com

Best regards,

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