Natural cosmetics store in Netherlands and Germany

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Natural cosmetics store in Netherlands and Germany
About project is a classical case of a store's owner starting to work with base CS-Cart theme and functionality and us tweaking a store as it grows larger. The main tasks completed by as among others is upgrading platform from 2.0 to 4.6.2 version. Most of our work was connected with inner part of project and extended technical support.
Product page
There are lots of reqiurements for those stores, selling cosmetics in EU countries, one of such requirements is a price, specified for 100ml off a product. We integrated our Unit price add-on, which displays such a price right at a product's page. The price is calculated according to set product price and its quantity.
The name speaks for itself, the project supports working with multiple product storages. This option works with online and offline sales.
Inner part of the site supports generating sales reports. After an order is made, shipper gets generated paper forms, and on picking an order its only necessary to specify shipped number.
Integration of large European shipping systems is absolutelynecessary, due to the site working in Europe. DHL is one of such services started in Germany. To work with it in a convenient way, we build DHL Api.
Final result
Over 100 hours of development
Multiple storages support
Simple reports generation
Pleased client
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