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Start date

17 December 2016

Put out

140 man hours


Two months
  • Introduction
    The main idea of the project consists of one person who can buy only one costume for an expected carnival. In addition a customer has a possibility to pay the totality as well as make a 50% prepayment and then pay the remaining amount.
  • Notifications
    If the client made a prepayment for costume apart from the possibility to pay remaining amount by pressing button "Pay Reminder", there is a notification about the necessity to make remaining part of payment before some period of time. This period can be set up in the administration panel.
  • Shipping
    For realization of the project idea it was necessary to create interoperability with standard functional CS-Cart features. Such as shipping for example. In particular how to divide shipping cost and which part of payment it should be included. While discussing with client it was taken decision to add full shipping cost to the first part of payment.
  • Order change
    Next question was how the separate payment should function if the customer paid 50% of costume cost then however decided to change order assembly, add some elements (hat, for example) and delete others. For solution of this task on the page of product editing (first payment) select boxes were integrated which allow to choose if it’s necessary to include/exclude element cost from the second part of payment.
  • Reporting
    It is understandably convenient for administrator to see the report which would show the payment data for some period of time. Such kind of report was developed according to the client request and includes all data about bought costume and paid/not paid sums for it.
  • Support
    Client applied to us having a foggy notion about how to work with CS-Cart. During the realization of the project we were explaining to client how one or another functionality works, taught him to work with system.