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Charity resource

Thanks to Cart-Power we managed to create one of the best charity resources in the Middle East.

(C) Majed Sultan AL Za’abi

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The project starts in 2014, when Majed Sultan AL Za’abi contacted Cart-Power technical director Ruslan Khanbikov for the first time and described his problem, which required immediate solving.

Majed Sultan AL Za’abi represents non-profit organization in Kuwait, which raises funds to complete extremely important projects. For instance, boring wells in areas suffering from the lack of water, building a university, collecting funds for various healthcare purposes.

The problem, described by Majed Sultan AL Za’abi, was that the server couldn't handle the load during charity events, the load during promotions would become so crititcal, as the site would stop functioning, while it was (and still is) the main tool for raising funds.

E-store and app for Sotovik-M

We switched from 1C-Bitrix to CS-Cart, and it is one of the best decisions we have ever made!

(С) Igor Medvedev




Sotovik-M is a company, working with wholesale supplies of mobile accessories all across Russia.

Despite the company already having online-store on contacting Cart-Power, a decision to start project from scratch was made. As you can see, the design of Sotovikm.ru store isn't full of cool stylish ideas, but it doesn't get in the company's way of making millions. The project can serve as a good example for those, putting too much hopes in design.

Before that the company had an unfortunate experience in working with 1C-Bitrix system and its developers, any changes took vast amounts of time and money. We managed to start a project in two weeks, and our contacts turned into fruitful cooperation.

Another success was development of a mobile app for improving loalty of SotovikM.Retail clients.

Water delivery service in Moscow region

You undoubtedly have better price to quality ratio!

(С) Svetlana Shelestova




AquaOrganic Luxe is a company, delivering potable water in Moscow and Moscow region.

They contacted us, when they already had an e-store on MODX engine. But the site was too old and required many SEO changes, which were a lot easier to make with a new engine, rather than try to adapt the current one.

We were making a turnkey project, starting with design integration and finishing with transfering catalogue of the old site to a new one. The main features of the project were trigger-mails functionality and vast SEO optimization.

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Client reviews

  • Many thanks to guys for a quick execution on tasks. For many years before that we’ve plaffed around with 1c-bitrix and other developers, we’ve spent lots of time and money and got nothing worthwhile. Working with guys from Cart-Power within two months we’ve got functional store, made lots of developments, powerful extended integration with 1C. Always available and ready to help if anything goes wrong. We’re working together and are going to work!

    Rouslan Serikov
  • We needed to launch the food stuff store at short notice with a number of customized modifications meaning to improve merit point system and possibility of specific bonus point accumulation and their use. Everything was done timely and flawlessly.

    Alexey Volkov
  • Out of a vast number of firms I had occasion to work (starting from “home freelancers” to “fantabulous web-studios”) with Cart-Power I made the best team of all. Price/quality ratio are found to be at most efficient level as well. Thanks for your support.

    Anton Kondyorskiy
  • Having experience of work with dozens of contractors and as a experienced businessman first of all I look at quality-to-price ratio. Cart-Power company takes an average or for some people a high price range in comparison with their peers. But reliability is the most important thing. For commercial projects it is essential to be sure that the project won’t be left tomorrow and all plans will be completed. In fact it is a very time-consuming procedure to shift to another company for support, explain all the details of online shops, try again and check again how the developers are going to show themselves off. We have already had to go through all this and with Cart-Power company we started with small trial modifications after which we opted for this team and continue to work with it. They always nominate the real terms for each concrete task (without embellishing) and what is more important always stick to stipulated date of delivery of works. Timely reaction on critical and unplanned tasks also pleases a lot – all problems are solved within 2-3 hours.

    Yaroslav Mikhalevskiy
  • Our cooperation with Cart-Power is not so longstanding although during all this time we haven’t had any problems which could make us doubt proficiency of the company. Partnership is built on foundations of regard and professionalism thanks to staff members quality work. Actually we continue cooperation.

    Andrey Stoukalov
  • I’d like to thank company staff members for help with our site transferal and development. Staff members gave serious consideration to development of our site functionality (wedding site) as well as provided sound advice on modules structure and their disposition. I give a lot of thanks for help with cost minimization of site development. Also their attention to perfecting site modules was very impressive as we haven’t dealt with commercial CMS before so we rely on their experience in project realization. Thanks.

    Nikolay Zaycev
  • The reason why we went for CS-Cart instead of choosing for Magento or OpenCart has a lot to do with the great developers around CS-Cart and Cart Power is one those companies that you can talk to when it comes to custom development and or tweaks around CS-Cart, cultural we understand where what we want that is also important to us. The people at Cart Power are 1. knowledgeable , 2. flexible, 3. courteous, and 4. really into customer satisfaction. By the way not importantly wright now in these economic hard(er) times, their price level is very good.
    Anthony Katgert