We’ll create a relevant design, renew site structure and make a clear interface.

Adjust your store to current business goals!

When You Need a Redesign

The goal of redesign is to increase traffic, loyalty and trust of clients. Create easy-to-use product pages, adapted for different devices, and encourage target actions.

  • The target audience is expanding.When you enter new markets, expand sales geography, adapt the front end for new visitors.
  • The range of products is increasing. When you add new products, change the product page and description information.
  • Traffic drops and the bounce rate rises. When your customers can’t find needed information and leave the site.
  • The site identity updated. Create new elements and services with an authentic layout.

What Will We Do

Functional redesign

We’ll modify structure, add new services, and create convenient automation.

Visual redesign

We’ll update corporate colors, styles, and graphics. We’ll create brand identity and highlight you among competitors.

Conversion redesign

We’ll build an easy user journey and eliminate causes of traffic and conversion drop.

Complete redesign

Total renewal if your store grew up and the old design doesn’t fit.

To understand the redesign goals, check your website with UX audit.

Redesign Stages

  • We make technical specifications based on client wishes and UX audit results
  • Create several mockups and prototypes
  • Pick up one of them for implementation
  • We implement new design to the project
  • Test and review the functionality and performance
  • We demonstrate our work and complete the final testing

If You Still Have Questions

There’s no strict time frame for redesign. In most cases, it is recommended to check your site for usability and refresh design every 4 years. But always remember the goal of the redesign.

The cost depends on: number of pages, the number and interactivity of elements. To accurately calculate the cost, send us a request and we’ll get in touch with you.

Competent and adaptive design make a site user-friendly. It boosts up behavioral factors of your SEO promotion. But don’t forget about accurate settings of URL for main pages during the redesign. And you won’t lose your positions in search.

Yes, we are the top CS-Cart developers and know all the platform operation subtleties. CS-Cart provides wide opportunities and you can launch any online business. We’ll redesign your website if it is on CS-Cart or you’re ready to migrate to CS-Cart.

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