Upgrade your CS-Cart to the latest version and keep your store in trend.

Make your store fast, secure and get all the newest features. We guarantee safe upgrading without losing data.

Why Upgrade CS-Cart?

Speed up your store

New technical solutions and modifications make each new version load faster. And ensure correct work on any device.

Add new integrations and features

Upgrades always contain new features. New CS-Cart versions integrate the latest and coolest Add-ons.

Protect your store

Upgrades include security updates. It’s the best way to avoid hacking and digital attacks on your online stores.

Maintenance savings

Many custom developments will become needless and won't waste your resources.

Upgrade Stages

If You Still Have Questions

Cost of work is calculated individually. It is based on the current platform version, custom modifications and Add-ons.

Yes, you separately pay for programmers and QA-specialists. They review custom modifications and Add-ons, if any exist. And fix bugs if necessary.

It takes from 2 to 4 working days.

When transfering to the working version, the website won’t be available for 1 to 4 hours. For the rest of the time, your store will work as usual.

If you don’t have any customizations (clean CS-Cart) you can do it on your own. But if the website has modifications, we recommend upgrading the platform with the help of our developers.

New versions of CS-Cart are released each quarter. Upgrading once a year is the best solution for saving your time and resources.

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