We’ll put your website under the microscope and figure out what stops it from increasing conversion and hinders customer convenience.

When Required?

The main goal of UX audit is to find out mistakes in interaction between visitors and your store. UX audit also helps to test your ideas for new projects.

  • Abandoned carts. Customers don’t complete a purchase because of confusing navigation – they don’t know how to get to checkout.
  • No target actions. The number of filled forms, subscriptions, downloads, and reviews decline. Calls to action don’t work.
  • High bounce rate. Customers can’t find needed information and leave the website. Unclear front end, complicated searching, information is not in order.

What We Can Do


We check elements location, how easy new customers navigate on the website.


We analyze elements that hinder customer journey and make extra clicks.


We check the catalog, product page, main menu needed for vital site processes, for the necessity of optimization.


We check the footer, reviews, and the blog pages that may implicitly influence the website processes.


We make a list of usability recommendations that you can implement on your website.

Improve usability of your store

What You Get as a Result

You will have a detailed roadmap to increase your profit and improve your store.

You get information about:

  • Customer journey
  • Most of bottlenecks with descriptions and screenshots
  • Conclusions and tips for improvements
  • Сompetitor analysis and best practices

You can implement tips by yourself or entrust improvements to us, using the seo promotion.

UX Statistics

0 %
Сustomers don’t complain, they just leave
0 %
Visitors make a full conclusion based on front end
0 %
of sales get lost by the companies per year because of unfriendly websites

If You Still Have Questions

UX audit helps to find weaknesses of your website front end, navigation, and blocking elements. It can clarify what has an impact on visitors’ satisfaction from the website and for conversion eventually. The easier it is for visitors to navigate, the more likely they will make a target action.

You can hand them over to your developers for implementation. Also we provide modification and SEO promotion services.

Firstly, estimate your website usage convenience on your own. Secondly, use heatmaps to see how visitors interact with your site. And finally, analyze statistics from Google.Analytics. To get the detailed analysis, use the service of Cart-Power.

The cost of UX audit depends on your website niche, number of pages, and urgency. To accurately calculate the cost, send us a request and we’ll get in touch with you.

It is enough to leave a request on the site. Our project manager will contact you to clarify the problems you are currently facing, your goals, objectives and draw a preliminary plan for the project development.

Order an audit

Find out what your website can do

Customer journey

Most of bottlenecks with descriptions and screenshots

Conclusions and tips for improvements

Сompetitor analysis and best practices