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How to quickly launch a marketplace

Start developing your startup with MVP version to save time and reduce extra spendings.

Minimum Viable Product is the market entry version of the product with the basic functionality.

MVP is required to:
  • enter the market quickly and assess its capacity, to explore your audience for scaling.
  • attract your first investments and reach the product-market fit stage.
  • gather user experience data and minimize the risks of failed investments or extra expenses.

Stages of custom MVP development


Your personal account manager starts from analyzing and finding out product requirementsand wishes. We prioritize each point and highlight the most important features for project viability.


We agree on the technical specification, then start prototyping and functional development. We’ll offer ready-made or custom solutions, develop necessary integrations and a unique front-end. We work by iterations and provide you with the interim reports for visual progress. Each iteration is tested for quality.


We do comprehensive project testing, help with settings and release the project.

Turnkey solution for fast launch

Create B2B, B2C or D2C marketplace of any complexity on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

All you need for fast launch

  • Suitable for any business: from rental housing to NFT platforms.
  • Multicurrency and multilingual storefront.
  • Built-in analytics tools and sales reports, easy integration with Google.Analytics.
  • Built-in powerful SEO tools for high positions in Google results.
  • Limitless possibilities for expansion: open access to code for custom solutions, as well as ready-made addons for all occasions.
  • More than 500 functions for further growth!

Mobile version for maximum conversion

  • Not only an adaptive version is available, but also a mobile application for customers.
  • Automatic sync of marketplace data with the application.
  • Individual settings for the app design.
  • Sellers can work with the catalog, orders and the storefront using the application.

Quick work with orders

  • Payment directly to sellers, separate checkout from different sellers.
  • Payment to sellers in automatic or manual mode.
  • Work with payment systems around the world: Stripe Connect, PayPal.
  • Automatic calculation of shipping costs and adding your pickup points.
  • The ability for buyers to contact sellers directly, rather than through the marketplace administrator.

Wide opportunities and individual conditions for merchants

  • Multiple plans with different conditions and privileges for sellers.
  • Micro-store for each seller with its own design.
  • One-button products management: bulk export/import, editing, uploading, wide configuration for products.
  • Flexible opportunities for sellers’ promotions with different conditions: free shipping, free items, coupons, and custom discounts.
  • Different categories and commissions for sellers.

Easy to set up and easy to manage

  • Intuitive and clear admin panel.
  • Integration with any external services.
  • Individual settings and privileges for different groups of sellers.
  • Website builder through the layout editor.
  • Unique look and feel for merchants’ stores.
  • Technical support and video tutorials on setting up.

Marketplace examples on CS-Cart

What you get with Cart-Power
  • Unique project architecture fitting you business needs;
  • Сustom functionality development and integration;
  • Unique UX/UI design;
  • 100 days warranty period

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