Add new capacities to your business.
Extend functionality for current needs and fix old bugs

When Required?

In order to be relevant check your website, upgrade features, usability, place new content.

  • Create new opportunity
    Entering new markets is accompanied not only with adding new products but also with changes. You don’t need to make a new store, adjust the current.
  • Fix bugs
    If the features don’t work correctly or previous developers made mistakes. We’ll fix the errors and make your idea work.
  • Expand functionality
    Improve ordering, payment and shipping methods, CRM, add new services. Keep your store relevant to customer’s needs.

Modular Approach to CS-Cart Website Customization

Changes for the site are packaged in a separate module (add-on). New functionality can be easily enabled, configured, and disabled in the CS-Cart admin panel without disrupting the operation of the entire site.

Easy to install and configure

The add-on is installed in 5 minutes using step-by-step instructions.

No changes to the CS-Cart core

Complies with CS-Cart development standards, there will be no problems with updating to the next version.

Doesn't slow down site speed

We analyze and optimize the code of our products so that your store runs as quickly as possible.

Quality assurance

We provide a 100-day guarantee for free error correction. To ensure the quality of the product.

What We Upgrade

  • Integrate with 3rd-party services
  • Add and set up new add-ons
  • Automate store workflows
  • Refine mobile store
  • Optimize the server speed
  • Make a multilingual store
  • Develop design
  • Customize storefront
  • Make your store stand out
  • Refactor the code
  • Fill metadata gaps
  • Optimize images
  • Optimize hosting
  • Install security updates
  • Set up backup
Upgrade your store with Cart-Power

Share your idea and we’ll offer an optimal solution

Stages of Development Process

Analyzing current state of the website and searching for issues

We check the website stability, research possible improvements and remove limitations

Development according to CS-Cart standart

We integrate with 3rd-party services, expand functionality within strict CS-Cart standards for further easy and fast changes

Testing and quality control at each iteration

We test and check the quality of development so that you don’t waste your time for bug fixing.

What You Get as a Result

Don’t postpone upgrading your store to get an efficient website right now

Website optimized for search queries

Fast website with clear code and light pictures, ready for active promotion

Advanced functionality

Customized integration with required systems, automatic features for new opportunities

Upgraded web interface

User-friendly design to create a positive customer experience

Optimized infrastructure

The structure of the site is ready for scaling to new business goals
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RUSHEV – Functional Online Store With a Completely Custom Design
K9 Shop – Store Update and Functionality Improvement

Let’s discuss your idea

We will provide you with any help to create your project

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