Build a successful online marketplace with unlimited product filters, variations, and micro-stores.

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Showcases for different segments, for wholesale B2B and retail B2C sales. Variety of languages, currencies, payment and delivery. Tailor your online apparel marketplace to perfectly align with your unique business requirements.

Apparel Online Store

Craft a fashionable and stylish clothing store effortlessly using intuitive drag and drop design tools. Tailor your apparel store to align with business requirements.

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Features that Empower Your Business

Customizable Variations

Utilize product variations to tailor your product offerings and efficiently manage each variant as a distinct product. With this feature, you can assign individual prices, availability, and other specifications to each variant.

Create and manage products by the color, size, configurations. Product variations provide administrators with a valuable tool to maintain a well-organized apparel catalog while offering customers a wider range of choices.

Multiple Filters

Create apparel filters to help your customers find the right product quickly. Flexible filter management system to create an unlimited number of filters for your catalog, making it easy for customers to find the right product.

Customize the filters based on the specific requirements and characteristics of your apparel marketplace. Implementing filters by size, color, size range, fit, occasions, ratings and reviews.

Enhance the shopping experience for your customers and refine their search effectively.

Clothing Collection and
Product Bundle

Create a product bundle like basic packages, holiday sets, product samples and giveaways. Сombine several products into a package with a reduced price.

Product bundle saves the customer money. And at the same time you can increase the average order value and make room in your stockroom, save on carrying costs.

Clothing lines, lookbooks help customers to see your products in a different light, engage in shopping experience and encourage investment more.

More Customers With Mobile Commerce

According to statistics, 84% of consumers utilized their mobile devices for fashion browsing purposes, and 81% relied on mobile devices to carry out fashion transactions.

Expand your reach and boost mobile commerce conversions by investing in the development of dedicated Android and iOS apps. Offer a convenient and personalized app experience, tap into the growing user base of mobile shoppers, enhance their ability to explore, purchase, and engage with your products.

Build Ever-Evolving Fashion Business

An ecommerce platform that can keep up with the fast pace of the fashion industry. Scalable solution tailored to accommodate growing businesses in the fashion sector.

Perfect for dynamic, high-volume ecommerce models in both B2B and B2C environments. Equipped with advanced features like multi-store and multi-vendor capabilities. Allow your vendors to have micro-stores with only their products, filters, and search. Create as many storefronts as you want, each with its own design, language, currency, vendors, and products.

Expand your marketplace globally with over 26 translations, multiple currencies, a tax management system, 90+ payment, and shipping options.

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Yes, our platform is easily scalable, ensuring that you can accommodate as many vendors as you need.

Yes, we offer an open-source code that you can customize to meet your specific needs. You can also take advantage of our dedicated development team that can help you develop custom features for your marketplace.

You can set up the process for adding vendors to the marketplace with or without moderation. Vendors can join the apparel marketplace on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor by following these steps:

1. Register as a vendor on the marketplace by providing necessary information.
2. Await approval from the marketplace admin.
3. Upon approval, vendors can create their vendor profile and start listing their apparel products.

There is no predetermined limit to the number of apparel products vendors can list on the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace. Vendors have the flexibility to showcase a wide range of apparel products based on their inventory and business needs.

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