We’ll create an online shopping app for iOS and Android.
From development to publication and technical support.

Why the Shopping Mobile Application?

The purchase number through apps grows every year. In 2022, mobile app purchases amounted to $170 billion worldwide.

Key Mobile App Benefits

Convenience for customers

Easy registration, instant messaging and social networking, voice assistance, chatbots, AR functionality. With a few clicks you can view thousands of products, compare prices and shop anywhere, anytime.

Create a personalized experience

The app tracks shopping preferences, browsing and purchase history, analyzes and issues personalized recommendations to your customers. Thus, increasing brand loyalty and driving repeat purchases.

Building a customer base

Registered buyers become a client base, with order and purchase statistics. Retaining and engaging customers becomes simple and convenient.

Increase traffic and engage customers

Push notifications are more effective than email and sms mailings. Gamification is a great way to create an app not only for shopping, but also to get into the most popular category of downloaded apps.

Mobile Applications for Business


-for small online stores
-for vertical marketplaces
-for a chain of stores around the world

Rental, delivery, services

-for reservations and registration
-for ordering and delivering food
-for ordering and providing any services

Internal CRM

-for internal communications
-for collaboration within the company
-for management and distribution of tasks

Charitable foundations

-for quick collection of donations
-for effective crowdfunding and fundraising
-for project management

Learning and hobby

-for learning platforms
-for publishing houses and schools
-for hobbies and online courses


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Mobile App Functionality

An up-to-date mobile application should not only be a convenient sales channel. It should be an online assistant and partner, creating a unique user experience for each customer.

For Buyers

Opportunities for quick search, selection and purchase of products.

  • Easy registration and login, via phone, social media accounts, Google, Apple ID and others.
  • Convenient navigation, search and selection of goods: filters and sorting, reviews and ratings, recommendations and collections, virtual AR fitting room and voice control of the application.
  • Personal account with order history for: quick repeat purchases, tracking the status of an order, issuing the most relevant offers based on interests.
  • User-friendly payment methods with saving the user’s payment data, automatic application of discounts and promotions, selection of payment methods.

For Sellers

A well thought out functionality for product suppliers, if the application is based on a multi-vendor solution. 

  • Registration and moderation on the ecommerce platform: free or by invitation, with or without downloading and checking the necessary documents.
  • Step-by-step product adding: loading, moderation, publication. Interactive tips, knowledge base for suppliers. Integration with warehouses, accounting systems, databases.
  • Personal account with individual settings and analytics system. Sales and customer interaction statistics, with interactive charts, dashboards.
  • Marketing tools for promoting your products and services, setting up notifications, managing promotions, discounts and sales. Communication with clients via chats and instant messengers.

For Administrators

All tools that make store management simple and automated.

  • Admin panel with display of received orders, information about users, control of appearance and content in the application.
  • Product management: add descriptions, photos, videos, place and delete products.
  • User status management: adding users to groups, deleting inactive users, resetting passwords, and more.
  • Marketing and analytics management: planning, launching and suspending advertising campaigns, discounts, sales.
admin tools

Mobile Development Stages

Assessment and planning
  • Preliminary analysis and evaluation of the project. Studying the idea and conducting a brief, analysis of existing business processes, niches. Evaluation of the complexity of the project implementation by a technical specialist.
  • Project design, description of business processes and application logic. Drawing up a user path, developing application page prototypes, describing the terms of reference.
  • Creating a backlog of development tasks.
  • Sprint planning and distribution of tasks.
    Creating an interface design, drawing application pages with various usage scenarios.
  • Development of a cross-platform application, from the user's point of view, in React Native or Flutter.
  • Development of Backend API part. Connecting servers for data storage, integration, payment gateway.
Publication and support
  • Testing and publishing the application on Google Play and Apple Store.
  • Application technical support.

Tech Stack

In our work we use frameworks: Flutter and React Native, and to create layouts and prototypes of Figma pages. 

react native

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