Connect developers that focus only on your project.
Get assistance with launching a project in the shortest possible time.

When You Need Dedicated Developers

Growing number of companies prefer to partner with external development teams. The immersion into customers’ ideas and trusting relationships help to build the best solutions.

Get technical expertise, launch projects faster, decrease your staff spendings.

  • Reinforce your team
    Fill the gaps in competencies of your team. Complement technical knowledge with dedicated members.
  • Save time while running your project
    Transparent workflow allows making changes promptly. Timely communication handles all challenges.
  • Save resources
    Hire a single developer or a full-stack team when it’s needed. Don’t pay full-time if it’s not necessary. Release your own staff for more important tasks.

Ways of Working


How it works

  • The cost of work and deadline will be estimated roughly in the technical specification.
  • After each sprint you get an advanced report about what has been done and for how much time.


By hours spent on each sprint

When it fits

  • The project is large-scale or startup
  • For quick start and without wasting time for tech specification
  • Requirements are not fully known
  • For flexibility of adding new features and tasks


The most important thing is flexibility. You can adjust progress for the most suitable solution. Even if you don’t know what the final result should be.

fixed price

How it works

  • The cost of the work and deadline are assessed and fixed in the technical specification first.
  • If the work is done step-by-step, after each iteration you get a report about what has been done.


Advance payment 50% or 100%

When it fits

  • A very limited budget
  • Clear requirements at each stage
  • The project or issue is small and nothing will change


You can precisely plan the budget and costs of the project. You’re not involved in every iteration thanks to an accurate plan.

Get a Package of Development Hours and Save Your Budget

  • Fixed per hour cost no matter who does the job.
  • All necessary staff join the project at the right time.
  • Suitable for Time&Materials and Fixed Price

20 hours

1 200 $
60$ per hour

40 hours

2 200 $
55$ per hour

80 hours and more

4 000 $
50$ per hour

Our Experience

EventTop, marketplace to manage events
27,000+ items stocked
254 vendors engaged
1,685 hours spent
The team:
  • 1 PM,
  • 3 Back-end,
  • 2 Front-end,
  • 1 QA,
  • 1 Mobile developer,
  • 1 UX/UI Designer

Development started in 2021 and continued with the development of the mobile version.

компания stomdevice
Stomdevice, online store equipments for dentist
20,000+ items stocked
2,800+ hours spent
The team:
  • 1PM,
  • 3 Back-end,
  • 1 Front-end,
  • 1 QA,
  • 1 UX/UI Designer

Development started in 2020 and continued with the modifying functionality.

Medical marketplace with wide geography
68 000 items stocked
120 vendors engaged
1142 hours spent
The team:
  • 1 PM
  • 1 Front-end
  • 2 Back-end
  • 1 Analytic
  • 1 QA
Marketplace has developed at 2020 and continuous improved and modifying

Advantages of Working with Cart-Power

Our team takes part of the work or creates the entire project.
Available experts: Project Manager, Back-end, Front-end, QA-specialist, DevOps, UX/UI Designer.

Powerful team

Certified specialists with vast ecommerce experience help to create tech specifications and offer suitable solutions for each task.

Full control

You get control over the project in the task tracker and plan the cost of the work with max profit for you.


Each iteration takes previous experience into account. The result is well-conceived, and the project is protected from knowledge lack.

Total immersion

The team works only with one customer and doesn't work with different projects.

If You Still Have Questions

We offer flexible cooperation conditions. You can choose and change a suitable way of work at any time. In this case, if you fully aware what should be on each stage, Fixed Price is perfect.

Yes, after payment you have 1 year to start.

If we haven’t started the project for whatever reason we will contact you and offer conditions for partnership or refund in an individual case.

The benefit of dedicated development is the team that works only with your project. We use Helpdesk to keep and save all tasks and agreements. For your convenience you can use Zoom, Google Meets, Skype or any messenger.

Let’s discuss your idea

Share your idea and we estimate your project

Our experience

маркетплейс по организации мероприятий
Более 27 000 товаров
254 вендора
1685 человеко-часов
Команда 9 человек
  • 1 Менеджер проектов
  • 2 Frontend разработчика
  • 3 Backend разработчика
  • 1 UX/UI дизайнер
  • 1 QA-специалист
  • 1 Mobile разработчик
С 2021 года началась разработка маркетплейса, продолжаются работы по созданию мобильной версии
компания stomdevice
Интернет-магазин стоматологического оборудования
20 000 товаров
2500 человеко-часов
Команда 7 человек
  • 1 Менеджер проектов
  • 1 Frontend разработчик
  • 3 Backend разработчика
  • 1 UX/UI дизайнер
  • 1 QA-специалист
С 2020 года начаты работы, продолжаются работы по модификации функционала
компания medplace
медицинский маркетплейс с широкой географией присутствия
68 000 товаров
120 мерчантов
1142 человеко-часов
Команда 6 человек
  • 1 Менеджер проектов
  • 1 Frontend разработчик
  • 2 Backend разработчика
  • 1 Аналитик
  • 1 QA-специалист
В 2020 году разработан маркетплейс, продолжаются работы по автоматизации. В планах открыть еще одно направление b2b