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Integration Can Help You With

Expanding project capabilities
Improving customer service efficiency
Developing support service
Extending customer communication
Setting up data exchange with aggregators
Measuring promotion campaigns
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Integration Stages

Our team offers integration for any challenge. Our developers have vast experience of integrating with services of various difficulty. On the stage of research we will need access to the store server and API documentation. We provide warranty and give 100-day free technical support.

Gathering requirements for integration

Researching technical capabilities of your CS-Cart version.

Developing integration solution and code review

Developing and setting up data exchange, testing and fixing bugs if necessary.

Demonstration and release

Showcasing new opportunities and training. Installing the working version.

Challenges must be done:
  • Provide customers with an option to refund money for part of their order
  • Make FedEx and Post Service shipping conditions more visual appealing and interactive
What we did:
  • Developed refund system through PayPal for part of order from scratch
  • Thanks to new design client choosing shipping service can see time frame on the map
What must be done:
  • Introduce email marketing
  • Make fast and convenient registration/log in workflow
What we did:
  • Connected all email marketing tools through Add-On, from abandoned cart notifications to individual discounts
  • Customers can register and log in using phone numbers
What must be done:
  • Create a simple way to make donations through a local payment system, because european ones don’t fit
  • Maintain project financial accounting
What we did:
  • Integrated Kuwait’s payment system K-net and developed eWallet for easy donations
    Integrated CRM for drafting accounting reports automatically
What must be done:
  • Data export from marketplace to CMS doesn’t fit
  • The store needs a flexible shipping system that takes countries and warehouses into account
What we did:
  • Developed automatic data conversion for bulk product export
  • The lowest cost of shipping from the nearest warehouse is displayed thanks to dynamic calculations on the CS-Cart side
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We developed our add-ons based on 3rd party services documentation and CS-Cart standards. If your store is based on CS-Cart the add-on will suit you. Each add-on is delivered with the information about compatibility with Themes and versions of stores.

For integration development we need the service API documentation and access to your store/marketplace.

If your store has an adaptive mobile version, integrated service will be implemented for both of them. If the mobile version of your store is a mobile application, then this will require integration for each version separately.

The cost of custom integration depends on the architecture complexity and urgency of development.

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