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Food Delivery

Bring together in one platform Admin, Merchant, Customer, and Delivery Staff. Enlists multiple restaurants, on the marketplace and provide fast-delivery high-quality food service for customers.

Click and Collect

Platform for groceries orders online and pick-up from the store or with home delivery. Help grocers provide the convenience online as well as offline shopping.

Local Food Marketplace

Provide a platform for local grocery retailers. Empower the local grocers and cater to the demand of customers within a limited area.

Inventory-Based Marketplace

Delivery orders on-time from a self-maintained warehouse. Purchase the stock from suppliers, keep track of the inventory, communicate with customers and take orders.

Multi-Vendor Store

Dedicated online food and grocery website for vendors and buyers. Provide easy registration and involve in trading.

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Features that Empower Your Business

vendor management

Vendor Management

Easily manage your multiple vendors and their products through our intuitive vendor management system. From onboarding to product delivery, monitor everything effortlessly.

Provide a quality assurance: Rest assured knowing that all sellers are meticulously vetted.

Micro-Store Customization

Customize your store to match your brand with our comprehensive design editor. From homepage to checkout – build your marketplace the way you like it.

Enable your vendors to create micro-stores exclusively showcasing their products, filters, and search options.

Within these personalized micro-stores, vendors have the freedom to sell specific types of food.

micro-store customization
fulfillment and delivery

Fulfillment and Delivery

Warehouse management system provides full control of your orders. Create and customize delivery methods: home delivery or pick-up services with last mile operations. Provide your customers with a wide range of convenient delivery options by integrating dozens of shipping services from the world’s eight most popular carriers.

Delivery is always on time and products are fresh!

Marketing and Promotions

Promote your store and products with various marketing tools such as coupons, gift certificates and banners. Make discounts easy and allow you to set your own pricing and discounting rules.

Loyalty programs create incentives with attractive rewards to encourage your customers and merchants and increase brand loyalty. Provide rewards that are effective and attractive for merchants and customers.


marketing and promotions

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Yes, CS-Cart offers pricing customization options, allowing you to set different prices for different customer groups and offer personalized discounts.

CS-Cart has built-in delivery management features, and offers integration with third-party shipping carriers and real-time tracking, to help you efficiently manage and track your deliveries.

CS-Cart offers integrations with various business systems and third-party applications, allowing you to connect your food and grocery eCommerce platform with other systems, such as inventory management or accounting software.

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