More than half of your customers will leave the store if it loads more than 3 seconds
Accelerate your store and save your profit

Why Improve Load Speed

Increase business profit

Conversion decreases by 4.42% with each second. Increase speed to increase profit

Involve more customers

Don’t keep your customers waiting and stop them from leaving. The greater the store speed the more visits you have

Improve your SEO

The load speed has a direct impact on behavioral ranking factors. Take a higher position in Google

Enhance brand appeal

The wish to stay on the store and make a purchase depends on the load speed

What Impacts Performance

Size of pages and content

The more the page weights the slower it loads. The size, quality, format of images and video, buttons, and complex fonts are important features.

Extra elements and overloaded code

Unnecessary website elements make extra requests to the server. Extra symbols, scripts, gaps in the code reduce the loading speed.

Number of plugins and slow server

The more plugins you have, the more server resources you need. Code optimization can save your budget on computing resources.

Seconds that Earn Millions

Amazon loses 1% of profit with each extra 100ms
Pfizer increased load speed by 38% – bounce rate reduced by 20%
Vodafon optimized landing pages – sales boosted by 8%
Ebay improved the page load speed by 12%, conversion increased by 0,5%

Optimization Stages

Analysis of your site

We research hosting possibilities, technical specifications, functionality, compatibility with CMS, and identify errors. Make an optimization roadmap.

Work on user interface and server side

Image optimization, Gzip-compression, cache setting data, optimization HTML, CSS, JavaScript, scripts and database.


We show what exactly we’ve done and provide you with instructions for long lasting results.

If You Still Have Questions

There are many tools for estimating the performance of the website: Google PageSpeed Insights is the most popular, Pingdom Tools, Uptrends and others. They show loading speed on desktop and mobile versions.

Not always. The loading speed can impact the customer behavior on the website. The slower side loads, the higher the probability is that customers will leave the website. Website load speed is not the only ranking factor. That is why seo promotion should be complex.

Most likely, the speed of the mobile version will improve. But we recommend optimizing speed on the desktop and mobile version separately. It’s not only about a different screen size, it’s a different technology. Also, the desktop version uses higher speed connections, than mobile. This means that optimizing mobile versions must be carefully elaborated: including adjusting content and rethinking the code.

Optimal loading speed is 2-3 seconds. Starting from the 4th second your risk of losing customers grows exponentially. Your conversion drops, so does the income.

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