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10 Add-Ons for CS-Cart Clothing and Shoe Store: Explore Our Selection

To ensure the relevance of an online store, it’s essential to continually assess, enhance, and optimize it, while also introducing new content. This can be achieved without the need for extensive revisions by leveraging add-ons. The CS-Cart admin panel allows for seamless integration, configuration, and deactivation of new functionalities, without disrupting the overall site operation.

The integration of suitable add-ons can significantly enhance the store’s performance by introducing new features, enhancing existing ones, streamlining management, and boosting marketing effectiveness. We have curated a selection of 10 specialized add-ons tailored for clothing and shoe stores on CS-Cart. Each add-on’s name is clickable, directing you to our online store of ready-made solutions, where you can explore the details of each add-on and make a purchase.

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Clothing sizes can vary significantly among different manufacturers, leading to customer challenges when making online purchases. This issue may prompt customers to either buy multiple sizes for trial or abandon their purchase altogether. Mitigating this, adding a size chart to the product page can guide customers in selecting the appropriate size for their body type, thereby reducing the occurrence of product returns.

To facilitate customer decision-making, the size chart can be conveniently placed on the product tab or as a link directly on the product page. Alternatively, a pop-up window can effectively display a sizing guide.

The configuration of the size chart is facilitated by a specialized add-on, enabling automatic addition of the table to products with specific attributes. Administrators can seamlessly create the table and specify the products to which it should be applied, streamlining the process and saving time.

Size Charts

This add-on facilitates efficient management of product images by providing diverse options. It enables the addition of multiple images for each option, ensuring that when customers switch between options, the product images change accordingly. For instance, if a customer selects the color red, they will exclusively view images of the red product. This capability enhances the presentation of the product, potentially stimulating customer interest and purchase intent.

Additional Option Images

This add-on enables customers to view all the available options for a particular product. For instance, if the product is sneakers available in three colors and five sizes, customers can easily explore all the combinations of colors and sizes. Additionally, they can promptly add the desired quantity to their cart directly from the product page. This streamlined approach simplifies the purchasing process, minimizing the number of actions customers need to complete.

Parameter (Options) Variants Table

This add-on enables the creation of product sets that can be displayed and purchased on a single screen. This is especially advantageous for clothing stores, as it allows customers to visualize how different items coordinate. Each item within the set is showcased alongside the others, empowering customers to promptly add them to the cart.


The add-on provides the capability to group products into thematic collections. Each collection can feature a cover, title, and description. These collections are presented on the product page, allowing customers to explore other products within the same group. 


This add-on enables the showcasing of accessories related to a product directly on its page. Users can set up the add-on to automatically exhibit accessories for a particular product or choose accessories from a designated category. Moreover, customization options for the accessory block include adjusting image size, implementing auto-scrolling features, and displaying prices as needed.

An effective method to capture customers’ interest in specific products is through the utilization of labels, either in text or graphic form. Text labels offer customization options such as selecting the shape (rectangular, rounded, teardrop-shaped, beveled, round), adjusting background transparency, text color, and borders. By incorporating labels, customers can filter products based on various labels, thereby enhancing the ease of finding the desired product.

Power Labels

Comprehensive product descriptions and high-quality images may not always suffice to finalize a purchase decision. There are instances when customers have unresolved queries, which, if unanswered, might lead them to abandon the purchase. The expeditious provision of answers to potential customers’ questions can significantly lower the likelihood of them leaving to patronize a comparable product from a different store.

This add-on facilitates the inclusion of a question and answer section on the product page, enabling customers to access additional information if it is not covered in the product description. The search functionality further expedites the retrieval of required information, while prompt responses bolster customer loyalty. Email notifications ensure timely responses to inquiries, and the option for customers to contribute to the Q&A section adds unique content to the product page. Together, these features enhance the likelihood of a product purchase.

Product Questions

For a quick and convenient product search, the client needs clear navigation and a correctly configured filter. The names of the product characteristics may not be informative enough or ambiguous, so it is better to use images to describe them. To make the product search more productive, you can create a convenient filter with images of characteristics and their possible options. The add-on allows you to create filters, characteristics and variants of characteristics with images. These images can be used for visualization in the filter block, on the catalog page and on the detailed product page.

Features and Filters with Icons
Features and Filters with Icons

An efficient and effective search function within an online store directly correlates with increased purchase probability. The “Live search” not only retrieves products but also guides customers toward making a purchase. The inclusion of category filtering, sections with related queries, brand filtration, category sorting, recommended product suggestions, and direct options for adding to cart, comparison listing, and wish lists collectively streamline the purchase process. Furthermore, the search history enables analysis of search activity, facilitates tailored recommendations, and mitigates situations with unfruitful searches. The capacity for customizable appearance and search parameters ensures simplicity and convenience, while delivering pertinent search results. Comprehensive details regarding all the features of this add-on can be found on its dedicated page.

Live Search

Enhancing the appeal and functionality of your clothing and shoe online store on the CS-Cart platform is now more achievable. The range of add-ons offered, including size chart and additional images for product options, as well as lookbook and live search functionalities, contribute to elevating the shopping experience, making it more convenient and engaging. Explore our collection of ready-made solutions in our online store and seize the opportunity to enhance your business. Elevate your store’s functionality, enhance shopping convenience, and stand out from the competition.

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