We develop an attractive interface for your store and highlight the brand value.

Your customers will want to come back and make a purchase again.

UX Design

We design a convenient interface and create a positive user experience. We analyze user interactions and improve their journey for better goals achievement.

UI Design

We supplement visual architecture using your corporate colors, styles, animation and graphics. Build your personality, distinguish your product from competitors and induce your customers to communicate.

What We Can Do

For online stores

The main goal of the store design is to convert visitors into customers. To keep your customers from bouncing, we design customer journey maps, product navigation, and make managing a shopping cart and the purchasing process more comfortable. We’ll think over every detail to make shopping easy.

For applications

Release new product, developing the store for various devices. We’ll adjust pages and build efficient consumer interaction with the product into a mobile version. Design will engage visitors to explore your store, functional interface will take care about conversion.

For services

Create a convenient business ecosystem. Functional personal accounts, feedback forms, calculators and other services affect the user experience. We’ll develop and build any element into the general concept of your store.

Stages of Design Development

If You Still Have Questions

Nowadays consumers have a huge range of places to make a purchase or to get information. Your product should be unique to be competitive. Also it should be user-friendly to retain customers. Uniqueness and usability balance is the main goal of UI/UX design.

Design layout development takes 1 month on average. Elaboration of the interaction logic is not linear and could be modified in the next stages. Implementation of the website design can take from 2 weeks to 2 months.

After discussing your wishes and requirements for the website we develop up to 3 mood boards (drafts). They contain a color palette, fonts, and graphics elements. After choosing the best solution we start to develop a full version of the design.

Ready mockup in Figma, style guide, technical implementation on the website.

The cost will be based on the project manager, designer and front end developer hours spent. The complexity of the design and the cost in general will depend on: the number of pages, the number of mockups for adaptive front end, the number and interactivity of elements.

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