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Lake Lite online store redesign

Innovative solar lighting and boat lift business. Everything for safe and comfortable walks on the water.

Lake Lite products are developed and engineered at our Indiana headquarters, where they are extensively tested and improved. Lake Lite’s goal and mission is to produce unique and quality piers and boat lift lighting products that exceed customer expectations.

Field: sales of equipment for piers and boats   Country: USA   Website: Lake Lite

Client’s problem

We have been cooperating with Lake Lite Inc. for many years and were regularly updating the functionality of the store. However, the design was based on the Responsive Theme back in 2014 and hasn’t been updated since. It is important that Lake Lite sells high-end products that are used in yacht clubs, when equipping private piers, and buyers are people with high incomes. Obviously, in 2021, the design developed in 2014 no longer meets modern requirements and does not correspond to the status of the client and the quality of his products. There was a risk that such an outdated design could simply scare off new wealthy buyers.

We offered the client to develop a new design and update the appearance of the online store, based on the latest marketing research and UI/UX principles.

Our work plan
Target audience analysis

To make a high-quality UI/UX design, you need to analyze the target audience and the competitive environment well. This will show exactly how users behave, how to change the appearance of the store and what design elements to use.

The target audience (TA) of the client is people leading a measured lifestyle: wealthy Americans over 40 years old. They spend time with family, live in private houses, have their own piers or use private bays. They search for information on the Internet and often make a purchase decision by watching YouTube videos.

We combined data on the target audience in the form of Customer Journey Map and User Flow, which shows how customers interact with Lake Lite products and what influences the purchase decision. Problematic areas of interaction with customers and steps that need to be taken into account when redesigning to improve customer experience were immediately outlined.

Competitor analysis

Lake Lite has 7 biggest competitors whose websites we analyzed in the following areas: user experience, content, technical side, marketing side. For clarity, we evaluated the results on a 10-point scale and reflected them in the summary table.

Research results

After analyzing the target audience and competitors, we came to some conclusions.

First of all, the design should be adapted to mobile devices and take into account all modern trends in mobile application development, namely:

  • Bottom menu bar
  • High header for easy scrolling content
  • Icons must be accompanied by a caption
  • Large high-quality photos and videos

Taking into account the characteristics of the target audience and the theme of the site, we chose Material Design as the main design style. This is Google’s design language, which is a great guide to visual, dynamic, and interactive design across platforms and devices.

What are the features of Material Design?

The user should be able to intuitively navigate the site through visual interface elements.


The principles of print design are used to focus attention on the desired element, simplify navigation in the interface, and intuitively convey the meaning of its elements. It is characterized by rich, even colors, sharp, defined edges, large typography and padding between elements.

Focus on the user

All interactions take place in one environment, interactive objects move from one environment to another without interrupting the sequence.


The page responds to any movement of the user, and each transition should be smooth. Interactive elements should be clear enough to be clearly distinguished from static elements (content, state information, etc.)


It is important to focus the user's attention on the main points in order to direct him in the right direction.


In addition to the fact that each action is pleasant and easy to perform, the user must clearly understand what and why he is doing and where the next touch will lead him. Feedback is clear and easily recognizable.

Due to the fact that the target audience makes purchase decisions by looking at reviews on YouTube, it is necessary to add videos to product page. This can be done by creating your own content or by embedding a YouTube video.

Principles of the new Lake Lite design

So, what is the new design of the Lake Lite online store?
Here are the main principles that formed its basis:

Good first impression

A discreet yet attractive color scheme that instantly directs the eye to what the user is most likely to be looking for.

Mobile version of the site

Easy to use mobile version of the site, on the main page of which you can find everything you need.

Free text search capability

Up to 30% of buyers use the site search tool – and these are usually “warm” users who know exactly what they are looking for.

Capture forms on the site

We were guided by the fact that the best sites have simple one-step forms that are easy to fill out. Whether it’s a feedback form or a service request form, it should be absolutely simple and easy to fill out.

We save buyers time and increase the likelihood of a purchase by limiting the number of fields to fill out and offering multiple selection buttons.


A video gallery with reviews helps to navigate the assortment and choose the right product. In general, the presence of a video gallery has a buyer to the site and increases loyalty.

Product photos

Products photos are real and presented from different angles. The more detailed the user can view the product, the greater the chance that he will place an order.

Special offers

The page with special offers is user-friendly and provides the necessary details, such as the list of products covered by this offer, the discount amount and the end date of the offer.

Emphasis on simple site navigation

Logical navigation leads the buyer from entering the site to purchase.

Our work results

The new modern design, developed based on the analysis of the target audience and competitors, takes into account the principles of UI/UX and Material Design. Thanks to this, the appearance of the online store as a whole finally corresponds to the price segment of the client. The interface attracts users, helps in navigation and solves their problems in any interaction scenario, which means that it leads to more purchases and more sales.

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