We’ll develop an adaptive and cross-browser front-end for a powerful interface and performance of your marketplace or online store on any device.

What We Can Do

Implementing the front-end is a key step of developing an eye-catching website. With competent front-end development your site will display correctly and perform more effectively on any device and in any browser.

  • We’ll develop a website interface based on your drafts or ready layouts. Our team will implement in precise details everything that designers created.
  • Thanks to extended experience with CS-Cart, we have excellent knowledge of all subtleties of working with styles and templates in this CMS.
  • We take a comprehensive integration approach: we help to develop mobile layouts, create a skin, adapt it to all pages, and deliver the project after extensive testing.

We’ll Design Layouts for You

We will analyze your references, best practices and after that create attractive page layouts for various devices.

What You Get With Integration from Cart-Power

Adaptive front-end

User-friendly interaction on any devices.

Cross-browser compatibility

Correct display and functioning in various browsers.

Fast page loading

Fast page loading speed due to optimized code.

Simple and clean code

Neat and structured code will make it easy to maintain the website and work with it further.

Front-End Stages


You provide drafts and layouts for pages. We analyze them and gather all your requirements and wishes for the project.


We discuss and agree with you on a preliminary estimate of the cost and deadlines provided by technical specialists. We draw up a technical specification.


We develop a new skin and integrate it to all pages of the site on a test server. The front-end is tested for cross-browser compatibility, validity, and compliance with layouts.


We demonstrate the final version to you and integrate the design of your marketplace or online store without affecting the functionality of the site.

If You Still Have Questions

In addition to designing and integrating the front-end from scratch, we can optimize the existing one. However, if the current front-end has many errors, does not meet the standards of validity, or does not fit the CMS, then it would be better to create it from scratch. This will require prior evaluation by a technical specialist.

To build the front-end in strict accordance with the layout, there should be: a style guide, your comments, explanations, interactivity, markup, uploaded icons, and layout structure. Therefore, for the front-end development from scratch, we create layouts based on your drafts and layouts, and after that we integrate them on the site.
To speed up the integration process, you can provide your layouts in Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, or InVision.

Our specialists have extensive experience working with CS-Cart. The technology stack for CS-Cart is: Smarty template engine, Less preprocessor, and the JQuery library.
First of all, the result is important for us, so our developers regularly train, improve their skills and get certified in CS-Cart.

The cost of integration depends on the amount of work: will it be a front-end for a marketplace or an online store, the number of pages, will new functionality be added, how much it will differ from the default, will the site structure change. To understand the cost and timing of integration, a preliminary assessment of the scope of work by a technical specialist will be required.

Let’s discuss your idea

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