We’ll help to acquire CS-Cart functionality quickly.

We’ll set up store workflows for fast launch.

When Help With Settings Required?

Your online store is developed, now it’s time for settings. CS-Cart features a wide range of functions and capabilities and has a lot of add-ons and themes.

Despite the availability of guides it may take a lot of time to set up all workflows.

Professional store set up can help you:

  • Quickly launch the store and save time
  • Master functionality and get personal tips
  • Connect and configure the necessary add-ons and themes

What Will We Do

Set up standard functionality

We’ll prepare workflows in the store, starting from payment methods, delivery and ending with storefront.

Install and configure add-ons according to your requirements

We offer more than 140 ready-made add-ons. We’ll set up turnkey solutions so that you use all the options.

Explain and make instructions

We’ll prepare instructions for further easy use in any format convenient for you.

Store Setup Stages

Setting up an online store is carried out as part of technical support.

Describe the difficulties you had with setting up. Leave a request. You can make a request by 2 ways:
Customer support specialists will consider the request and rate it in credits
  • Credits are internal unit of time taken to help a client.
  • You can buy credit packs from the Cart-Power Store.
A customer support specialist will give a full, detailed answer
  • If necessary, we will record a video instruction or take step-by-step screenshots.
  • The service does not include filling the site with content.

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