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Exploring the Latest Updates and Features in CS-Cart for Your Business Growth

Updates are not just about fixing bugs; they’re a step forward towards more convenient and functional management of e-commerce projects. For instance, in the recently released CS-Cart 4.18.1, a new admin panel have been introduced. In this overview, we’ll delve deeper into what other useful features are available in the new version of CS-Cart and how these changes can enhance the user experience with the platform.

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Redesigned Admin Panel

The new admin panel features a fresh style and user-friendly navigation, allowing your team to work faster and more efficiently with the store management system. The menu has been streamlined and relocated to the left sidebar. Additionally, the “Settings” section has been expanded in the bottom left corner. The updated product list with new filters will enhance the search and product management process, potentially leading to increased sales and improved user experience.

Here's how the new admin panel looks now
Here's how the new admin panel looks now. Source: https://www.cs-cart.com/blog/meet-cs-cart-4-18-1-with-a-revamped-admin-panel-and-an-upgraded-paypal-checkout-experience%ef%bf%bc/

Enhanced PayPal Checkout

CS-Cart has offered various PayPal payment solutions over the years, some of which have been labeled as “Legacy” by PayPal in favor of newer options. Despite this, these deprecated solutions remain available in CS-Cart as part of the PayPal Legacy Payments add-on, enabling acceptance of payments through PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Pro, PayPal Advanced, and Payflow Pro. However, it is recommended to use PayPal Checkout instead, a modern integration offering comprehensive features for CS-Cart Store Builder, akin to PayPal Commerce Platform for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. The latest enhancements include the addition of alternative payment methods like Venmo, PayPal PayLater, giropay, and others, availability of which depends on location, currency, and customer preferences. Moreover, customization options for payment buttons, including style and color, are now available on the checkout page.

Improved Warehouses and Common Products

The issue with the interaction between the Common Products and Warehouses add-ons has been resolved. Now, these add-ons effectively cooperate, ensuring more precise inventory management and product availability. Previous versions encountered problems when using these functions simultaneously, leading to customer complaints. However, in CS-Cart 4.18.1, the incompatibility between them has been addressed. Now, the functionality of Common Products considers the availability of items not only from specific sellers but also across various regions, regulated through Warehouses and tariff zones.

Faster Loading of Product Variations

The performance of the “Product Variations” add-on has been improved, even when the “Show all possible feature variants” setting is enabled. Now, the product page loads faster, even if there are many variations.

Limiting the Size of Uploaded Images

A feature to limit the size of uploaded images has been added, allowing for optimized use of server space and increased performance. When attempting to upload an image larger than the specified limit, the user will receive a notification. This feature is particularly useful for marketplaces with multiple vendors who may not pay attention to the size of uploaded images. Additionally, it will benefit online stores with multiple administrators or content managers.

Numerous Storefront Improvements Implemented

The latest updates address several issues encountered in the storefront. Now, the current storefront is accurately highlighted within the storefront switcher on the layout page. Additionally, the selected storefront remains unchanged after saving modifications on the page, and clicking on the storefront in the bottom panel opens the currently selected one. Moreover, switching from the storefront to the admin panel while on the product page redirects users to the product editing page, as intended, rather than to the admin panel homepage.

SagePay Renamed and Updated to Opayo

CS-Cart has long included SagePay as one of its integrated payment options. Recently, SagePay underwent rebranding to Opayo after being acquired by Elavon. Technical adjustments were also made on the Opayo side, necessitating updates on our end. In CS-Cart 4.18.1, SagePay has been renamed to Opayo, ensuring seamless continuity of the payment method’s functionality.

CS-Cart is not just a tool for building online stores; it’s an entire ecosystem that is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing needs of the market. Regularly updating CS-Cart not only ensures the security and stability of your store but also helps you stay competitive by providing access to new features and capabilities.

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