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5 New Advertising Tools In Google AdWords

Google often releases new and useful features to make life easier for advertisers. In this article, we will look at 5 new advertising tools in Google AdWords (Ads) that can get the most targeted clicks for less money.

Video ads

In Ads, you can create TrueView, Intro, and Out-Stream video ads.

TrueView ads

You only pay if the user has fully watched the video and clicked on the built-in call-to-action button. You don’t pay per impression unless your ad is viewed or interacted with.

Ads appear on YouTube and on sites and apps that partner with the Google Display Network. In this case, the video itself must be posted on YouTube. This can be a video review of the buyer, filming the product in action, training, etc.

TrueView assumes two formats (from Google help):

  • TrueView In-Stream;

True View

  • TrueView Video Discovery (formerly In-Display), which includes related videos:

TrueView Video Discovery

The coolest feature is the TrueView for Shopping technology. This is an interactive ad with mini-cards of products right inside the video. You can click and go to the order form. Products are taken from the Google Merchant Center and shown in ads for those that are in high demand.

Here’s what it looks like:

Bumper ads

These are 6-second videos that, according to the developers, allow you to launch serial video campaigns and increase audience reach several times over. Perfectly complement TrueView.

Bumper ads

Out stream ads

Out-Stream is a special video ad format specifically for mobile devices. Such ads allow you to increase the reach of video ads at a bargain price.

Out stream ads

The main advantage of the tool is that video ads are much cheaper than text ads.

Advertising in Gmail

Advertising in the Google mail service works on the principle of personal priorities, taking into account the preferences of a particular user. For example, you are fond of photography and lately you often go through the search to the sites of photo equipment sellers, and also receive mailings on this topic. Google takes into account your interests and is more likely to show ads for the sale of cameras.

Similar audiences (look-alike)

This tool works on the Google Display Network, as well as YouTube and Gmail remarketing lists.

What he really is?

First of all, you track users who have visited your site, then catch up with them using remarketing. This is a common thing, this is what most advertisers do. But technology does not stand still, experts from Google have created a new tool that allows you to expand audience coverage several times due to users with similar interests. It considers only those who are on your remarketing list to be similar.

In fact, nothing supernatural: Google tracks the behavioral characteristics of millions of people and creates user portraits. When you upload your database to Google, it finds a similar audience that is most likely to be interested in your product or service.

To do this, just select “Target a similar audience” in AdWords (screenshot from an English-speaking account):

Advertising on competitors

What’s new here? In the very approach – nothing. Another thing is exactly how to use it. In the screenshot below, you see a “play on words”. Basecamp is an online project management, collaboration and tasking tool. Their competitor Wrike says “when Basecamp is not enough, come to wrike.com” and “Better than some Camp”. Despite the fact that in the volume of the audience they are several times inferior to Basecamp.

Of course, Google limits the imagination of advertisers: you can not use a competitor’s trademark, you can not slander or use unworthy comparisons.

In Runet, Wrike is not far behind:

Pay attention to extensions and sitelinks. All the features of the product are presented clearly and to the point, with the knowledge of what the audience needs. A great example of how to work out competitive queries in AdWords

Responsive advertising on mobile devices

Responsive display ads automatically resize based on content, screen size, and shape. Also, native resources appeared in the Google Display Network, where you can arrange ads in accordance with the style of the site.

Google introduces new opportunities for advertisers almost every month. This includes YouTube Ads, Keyword Planner, and, of course, Google Analytics. Follow the news, test fresh chips and get high sales.

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