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How to Create an Effective Advertising Campaign in Google AdWords?

Want to make your Google Adwords ad more visible? We suggest you try setting up rotation and using additional extensions.

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Rotation settings

The secret to successful marketing is to deliver compelling ads at the right moment. This is called rotation. There are about 3 billion search queries in Google search, and most of them come with ads. It is important to know exactly when your ad will bring in the most conversions.

The first thing to remember is that each request is unique. For example, if a user searches for “buy pizza” during their lunch break, then they are most likely looking for food delivery.

If the user does this from a mobile phone in the evening, they may want to book a table at a pizza restaurant.

Write a text that will interest potential customers as much as possible. Your ad is the front door of your business, so it’s important to deliver the right message.

As a result of repeated testing, it has been proven that rotation is better if three or more ads are used in a group. This way you get 15% more clicks or conversions compared to other groups with only one or two ads.

There are two types of ad rotation available to users in Google AdWords:

  1. Optimization based on Google machine learning technology. If you choose this method, only the top-performing ads from the group will be shown.
  2. Alternate indefinitely – ads will be shown uniformly for an unlimited time.

Extensions. Automatic and manual

The ad is an important way to provide additional information and allows people to act directly from the search results. Up to four extensions can be shown with your ad. Extensions give your ads more exposure. The example below shows how much space and visibility a declaration with extensions has received.

Google Ads

Left layout without extensions, right with extensions

Extension types:

  1. Automatic extensions are created by Google and do not require your participation.
  2. Automatic extensions with manual settings. Can be added automatically and configured by the advertiser.
  3. Customizable manually. They are added by the advertiser at his own discretion, depending on the goals set.

Google Ads Extensions

Extension types

Now let’s talk about the types of extensions and highlight their features.

Additional links


  • Increase visibility. Sitelinks are an opportunity to make ads on the search results page more visible.
  • Increase engagement. If the query contains the brand name, then the use of additional links gives an increase in CTR by 20-50%.
  • Increase conversions. By immediately redirecting the user to the desired page, you shorten his path to conversion.
  • Simple control. Additions and changes are possible at the account, campaign or ad group level. You don’t need to specify bids or keywords. AdWords shows you the most effective and relevant links for any query.


Callouts are an extra line in the ad that are displayed as short snippets of text (25 characters each).


  • Growth of engagement. According to experiments, when adding refiners, CTR increases by about 10%;
  • Attracting attention. You can add important information about goods and services to clarifications;
  • Ease of use. To add clarifications, just type 25 characters of text. You don’t need to add links or set up tracking.

Structured Description

A structured description is an additional line in which you can specify the characteristics of a particular product, service, or offer. Show users detailed information about your offer, and those who are interested in it will go to your site. The number of conversions will increase.


Messages is a mobile-only extension. Designed to interact with users who prefer text messages over other communication methods.


  • Convenience. Give users the opportunity to contact you in a way that is convenient for them, so that not a single potential client passes by;
  • Information exchange. Through messages, users can leave reviews, as well as ask questions, for example, about prices and any features of the product that are not listed on the site;
  • Working with potential clients. After receiving messages, you can add contacts of potential customers who have written to you to the call schedule so that you can call them back at a convenient time.

Your main goal is to be where your user is. Potential clients will not be able to find you if you are not shown in the search results. To capture the attention of potential customers, your ads must appear at the right time and in the right way. In other words, users should see your ads exactly when they are looking for your products or services. Grab users’ attention when they’re ready.

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