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9 Effective Ways Of SEO Promotion

In this article, we will look at the most effective and underused promotion methods in English-language seo. Consider social services, websites and ways to effectively promote in the United States.

1. Promotion through social networks Reddit and Pinterest

The traffic generated by the social networks Reddit and Pinterest is called non-search traffic. In these social networks, the competition is much lower compared to Facebook, Instagram, etc. By moving up in them, you can get a constant source of traffic, which in turn will give good behavioral factors and a signal to Google that the site is interesting to users. The method is suitable for most white sites, effective and safe.

Reddit.com: features

Reddit is a social news site where registered users can post links to any information they like on the Internet. Like many other similar sites, Reddit supports a voting system for liked posts. The most popular of them are on the main page of the site.


Pinterest is a social Internet service, photo hosting, which allows users to add images online and place them in thematic collections and share them with other users. Images uploaded to the service are called “pins”, and the collections to which they belong are called “boards”. Due to the artistic design of the site, Pinterest is especially popular among female users.

An example from the analytics of avocadu.com, a healthy lifestyle blog that is being promoted on Pinterest. Most of the traffic came from there.

2. Getting external links from the educational site Scholarships

Scholarships: features

  • It suitable for most sites
  • Eternal links from edu sites work
  • It gives a good trust (behavioral factors, user).

Scholarships: manual

  • Finding selections of scholarships
  • Creating a Scholarship Page
  • Building a database of edu sites
  • We write letters.

For example, the site cleanthiscarpet.com with reviews of vacuum cleaners is promoted in this way. This site offers students a scholarship of $1,000, and students in turn must post links to the scholarship sponsor on various educational sites.

An example from cleanthiscarpet.com analytics:

Cleanthiscarpet.com is only promoted by reviews like this on educational sites and thus has good visibility for many competitive searches.

3. Working with journalists

To work effectively with journalists, you need to understand what they really need from you and your company. If you do not have important news for them, valuable data or exclusive, you should not even start a conversation. There are a number of services to simplify work with journalists. In Runet, this is the pressfeed.ru service. For the English-speaking segment, this is the helpareporter.com service. It helps journalists and site owners to interact. After registering on the service as an expert (“I’M A SOURCE” button), site owners begin to receive mailings from journalists.


  • Newsletter from journalists from the service https://www.helpareporter.com
  • Finding a suitable offer (from journalists)
  • We write and send a comment (at the request of journalists)
  • We get a link or a mention (on media sites)

4. PBN (blogs)

PBN (or Private Blog Network) is a network of referring sites. The network consists of thematic sites and blogs that lead the user to the main site and promote its pages in the search.


  • Very effective
  • Requires cost, skill and effort
  • Allows you to register drops, new domains or web 2.0 for the grid
  • Versatile and safe.

Where can you buy links from the blog grid:

  • https://www.blackhatworld.com/forums/seo-link-building.43/
  • https://www.seoclerk.com/categories/private-blog-networks

Blog Grid Tools:

  • auctions.godaddy.com
  • expireddomains.net
  • bluechipbacklinks.com
  • freshdrop.com
  • domcop.com
  • infinitewp.com/addons/publish-posts-pages-links/ – blog management dashboard, $127/year
  • icontrolwp.com – from $15 per month for 10 sites
  • autofillmagic.com is a paid extension for Mozilla Firefox
  • rankerx.com is a web 2.0 creation service. grids, more than 50 platforms
  • fcsnetworker.com – web 2.0 service
  • turboware.net/turboweb/ – web 2.0 service
  • wordai.com – automatic text reproduction ($49.95 per month)
  • thebestspinner.com – manual reproduction of texts ($47 per year)

An example from littlecoffeeplace.com website analytics that uses PBN in promotion:

It can be seen from the analytics that all links are anchor.

How to calculate links from blog networks:

  • Usually articles from different topics
  • Each article has a link (or several)
  • On the main page 5-10 articles with links
  • Often there are no comments and accounts in social networks
  • Usually no ads
  • Off-topic domain (shenandoahmedcenter.com, courtenaylodgehotel.com)
  • Often link texts in the form of keywords

5. Content development

Instead of publishing new articles, you edit old ones, updating their relevance in search engines.

The advantages are that the article:

  • It has age and trust (behavioral factors, custom)
  • It has links and social signals
  • It provides a large amount of data to Google
  • It saves time (editing is faster than creating a new article).

6. Press releases

Sample press release: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/12/prweb15001914.htm. 


  • It gives trust
  • It gets into Google News
  • You can order a press release

Popular press release services:

  • pr-web.com – from 99$
  • prleap.com – from 135$
  • ereleases.com – from 269$

Press releases can also be ordered from freelancers. For example, on fiverr.com and konker.io (we type “press release distribution” and look for freelancers who are ready to provide services).

7. Crowd Marketing

Scheme of crowd marketing actions:

  • Looking for a discussion on your topic
  • We warm up the account (communicate, post posts, answer questions, etc.)
  • We publish links (you need to publish links organically and in the subject of messages).


  • It takes time
  • Some links are removed
  • You need skills and experience
  • It can give traffic

Useful crowd marketing tools:

  • Google Alerts – Free
  • linksearching.com – free
  • BuzzBundle Program – $199 then $29.97 per year
  • awario.com – from $19 per month
  • youscan.io – from $3990 per year

8. Outreach (work with bloggers)


  • Looking for Influential Blogs
  • Choosing the best
  • We make acquaintances
  • Preparing letter templates
  • We send letters (chains, after 3 days we send the letter again)
  • We agree
  • Getting a link
  • Evaluate the effect


  • Large audience reach
  • Quality Links
  • Targeted traffic
  • The method is safe
  • Requires time and money

Outreach tools:

  • Scrapebox, GScraper or A-Parser
  • buzzsumo.com – from $79-99 per month
  • buzzstream.com – from $24 per month
  • ninjaoutreach.com – from $52-69 per month
  • pitchbox.com – from $195 per month
  • hunter.oi – free and from $39-49 per month
  • snov.io – free and from $17-19 per month
  • www.sortd.com – free of charge and from $2-5 per month
  • mailshake.com – from $16.5-19 per month

9. Promote with video


  • Youtube is the second most popular website in the world according to www.alexa.com
  • Video is a very promising direction
  • More than half of the views are from mobile devices

An example of analytics from webris.org from the USA and their hellomarketic youtube channel.

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