Leonid Koshcheev. E-commerce expert

Hello! My name is Leonid Koshcheev! I'm CEO of Cart-Power group of companies. I help to promote business with the means of IT. If you want to leave your mark on the web, you should contact me. We'll analyze the market, develop a strategy, select tools, take certain actions and make your business live on new, better terms. We will also think on effectiveness, integrate statistics, in other words, we will start developing your business with new high-quality approach.

I often write small informative posts in social networks, so I'll be glad to see you in my subscribers list.

I have been interested in web-developments since school and began developing sites in 9th grade. I've always loved web-technologies and dreamt about becoming a developer. In 2008, while studying at university for 4 years, I began working at IT-company, which now is transformed into Simtech group of companies. There I completed various projects, starting with small visual changes and finishing with payment methods integration. Later I was transfered to architectural jobs with HelpDesk (inner CRM/ERP system).

In 2010 I left the company and started completing various projects on CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor platforms, working with clients directly. I integrated third-party services, performed front-end and back-end development. For two years I've been working with a client from China on a huge project, which allows configuring printing devices.

In 2014 i started Cart-Power company. In a few years we've managed to build a strong team able to complete really complex projects. Working 12-14 hours a day, with almost no days off, we got leading positions among CS-Cart developers. All our achievements are described at Reputation page.

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