Online training and lessons on working with CS-Cart

Our company provides online training services for working with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. This is the CS-Cart lessons that our specialist conducts with in-depth knowledge of these platforms, which will help you customize your store in the way you need, understand the functionality, play with the settings, set the theme style and much more!

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How the training goes

The training is provided via Skype, the cost of one hour of training is 30 USD.

Our specialist will contact you at the agreed time and on an example of your store will tell you about the standard functionality. You will learn what settings are in the store, how to set up the menu, how to install the store theme, how to add and edit goods, make orders, create blocks and layouts and many other processes necessary for the work of the store.

The training will be useful if you have any difficulties in setting up the store, for example:

  • can't apply customized delivery methods;
  • can't configure any add-on;
  • can't display promotions in the store.

As a result of training, you will save your time and energy on self-tuning the store and learning a lot of functions of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. You don't need to watch video lessons and read the documentation for working with platforms, you will immediately get all the necessary knowledge in practice.

After the training you will be completely ready to work with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor!