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Comfortcar —

Marketplace where instead of individual vendors there are car rental companies

The client had a car rental business in 8 major cities in Poland. Over the 12 years of its existence, Comfortcar vehicles have made more than 150,000 trips, and the fleet has grown to more than 500 vehicles.

Comfortcar лого

Field: car rental service   Country: Poland   Website ComfortCar

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Client’s problem and challenge

The client needed to combine its branches into a single system so that users could choose a car through the service in one branch of the company and return it in another. We suggested launching the service on the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, which is usually used to create marketplaces. Comfortcar branches in different cities will act as separate vendors. The task was to visually and functionally adapt CS-Cart Multi-Vendor to our idea and create a convenient car rental service.

Our work process

1.Design and layout

For this project, we created an original design that takes into account all the features of the car rental business:

Сomfortcar дизайн
2. Rental functionality

We have developed the car booking functionality from scratch: on the product page you need to indicate the city of rent and the city of return, as well as the date and time. On the checkout page, you will need to fill in the required fields – and the car is booked.

Сomfortcar аренда
Сomfortcar аренда

For the convenience of the customer, all information about the order is summarized on the right side of the checkout.

Comfortcar чекаут

Many Comfortcar customers want to rent a car for overseas trips. Depending on the country the customer is going to and the distance, an additional fee will be charged along with the rental. We have implemented this function in the product page: the client notes whether he plans to travel abroad, selects the country and indicates the approximate mileage. Based on this data, an additional fee is automatically applied and displayed on the cart page.

Comfortcar выезд за границу
3. Different checkout pages for legal entities and individuals

Comfortcar clients are not only individuals, but also legal entities. To bill a legal entity additional information is required. We have added the ability for the administrator to create user groups and configure the fields required for filling. When making a reservation, the client, using the switch, marks whether he is an individual or a legal entity. Depending on this, the set of fields in the checkout changes.

Our work results

On the basis of the marketplace platform, we managed to launch a successful car rental service. It brings together rental companies from 8 cities in Poland. Renters can book any car through the website, then pick it up from the rental point and return it in another city. Moreover, car trips are not limited to Poland: you can travel abroad, and the rental price will be recalculated.


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