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CorkSport —
Mazda Brand Auto Parts Online Store

Fast loading speed even with a large number of photos and videos

CorkSport has been developing and manufacturing spare parts for Mazda vehicles since 1998. Experienced staff and cool designs helped customers to better realize the potential of Mazda and Mazdaspeed vehicles. The site presents not only products for sale, but also lots of interesting content about cars and their repair process.

CorkSport логотип

Field: sale of spare parts for Mazda cars   Country: Canada   Website CorkSport

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Main goals

At least six pictures and one video on product installation and use have been added to each spare part on the site. Naturally, with that many visuals product and category pages were loading slowly. The client came to us with this particular problem. We decided to make certain improvements that will positively affect sales and ease store administration.

Our work process

1. Platform speed ​​optimization

By default, CS-Cart loads all images on any page of an online store simultaneously. A customer has up to 100 images on some category pages, and many product pages had instructional videos. Such volume of visual content significantly slows down page loading speed.

Our “Lazy Load for Images and Blocks” add-on solved this problem. The main idea is simple – to delay the loading of everything that the user does not need right now. The images are not loaded immediately when the page is opened, but only when it is scrolled. This helped to improve performance and use device resources sparingly.

2. Correction of adaptive layout

The online store had display issues on mobile devices. We’ve fixed the responsive layout.

Corksport верстка до This is how the client's site was displayed before
Corksport верстка после This is how the site display after our work
3. Import and export modification

We modified import and export so that you can configure which orders should be unloaded: depending on the delivery status and period.

CorkSport экспорт
4. Promo codes

The online store worked on CS-Cart 4.4.3 version, which did not allow using promotional codes when placing orders. We have added this functionality: promo codes can be generated and configured in the admin panel and there is a special field for a promo code in the checkout.

CorkSport промокоды

Our work results


Functionality Development
Speed and Performance Optimization

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