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Professional photo and video hardware rental in NY

About project is an unusual CS-Cart project, which is built not for selling products, but renting photo and video hardware. Not only we integrated various features into the site, but also made complicated rental mechanism.

Rental mechanism
To rent hardware in a big city as New York, time is of the greatest essence. Photo and video hardware is not an exception. Specially for project's owner needs we developed a mechanism, allowing to take into account holidays and days off, already rented or reserved hardware.
For site's client rental process is simple: adding items to cart, select rental dates and choose a place for shipping or delivery.

With store's expension additional development and new functionality is necessary. Now has two pickpoints, which are being taken into account when renting. Specially for completing various tasks a dedicated developer is provided, which contacts directly with store's owner.
Final result
Over 100 hours of development
Rental mechanism
New features
Pleased client