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Professional photo and video equipment rental service

The project offers online rental of photo and video equipment, with the possibility of arranging the equipment delivery. CSiRENTALS clients are major USA TV and film companies, photographers and media.

Field: rental of photo and video equipment   Country: USA   Website: CSiRENTALS

Client’s problem

Our client did not have a clear mechanism for calculating the cost, managers had to personally contact the customers, find out the details of the order, check the calendar for working and non-working days, and spend a lot of time processing one client.

Main goals

  • Implement the possibility of flexible calculation of the rental cost depending on working days, rental period, delivery of equipment
  • Implement enhanced user verification
  • Make the responsive design for different device

Our working process

Automatic calculation of the rental price based on the details of the order

A convenient mechanism takes into account all possible settings for calculating the cost. You can create flexible tariff plans, depending on the days of the week and their quantity. The rental conditions are configured by the administrator once, then the cost will be automatically calculated based on the details of the customer’s order.

For example, if the rental is issued for the weekend and the equipment is returned on Monday before 9 am, then payment is taken for one day.

From the client side, the rental mechanism is as simple as possible in terms of design:

  1. Search for the right product
  2. Adding to cart
  3. Choice of rental date
  4. Choice of pickup and delivery location
  5. Order confirmation

You can borrow equipment from one office and return it to another. The customers just need to select the desired office from the drop-down list.

The terms of the rental price are highlighted by hints in the catalog.

Three-step verification to confirm the reliability of the tenant

Renting the equipment is a very expensive service, so there are risks of unscrupulous customers. Transaction security is one of the most important concerns. To check the trustworthiness of users, we have provided verification using Telesign, Emailage, USPS-validators. CS-Cart connects via API to these three systems and checks the user in their databases.

  • Telesign checks personal information: does such a person really exist, how good is his financial history.
  • Emailage checks the email from which the order was placed and whether the entered data matches it.
  • USPS checks the user’s physical address to see if it matches the person who placed the order, whether such an address exists, and what reputation the address has.

Possibility of online payment and delivery

After the implementation of the customers’ verification system, verified ones do not have to visit the office. You can pay online and arrange delivery. The form of payment includes delivery services, which are automatically included in the calculation of the rental price.

Separate registration form for individuals and legal entities

The users of the service are both film studios and individual photographers and cameramen. We have updated the checkout to distribute users into groups during registration, without losing usability: a business account or an individual. And also added a check for bots via SMS or email.

Convenient mobile version

We made an adaptive layout so that the content is attractively displayed on mobile devices and brings excellent conversion.

Our work results
  1. Flexible tariff settings
  2. Automatic calculation of the cost of rent
  3. Reduced risks of dishonesty of tenants
  4. Mobile Conversion
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