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Diamandino Group is a group of companies that sells everyday consumer goods: garden supplies, health and beauty products, children’s products and much more. It was founded in Greece over 40 years ago, and in 2010 opened an office and a factory in Shenzhen, China. With a wide range of products, 24/7 customer support and quality assurance, Diamandino has shown stable sales for many years.

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Client’s problem and tasks

At the time of contacting us, the client’s online store has accumulated more than 150,000 completed orders. All of them continued to be stored in the database. When forming a list of orders, the database had to extract a large amount of information, which made it difficult to work with the administrative part of the online store and highly loaded the server. When the administrator was searching through the list of orders, the system hung up completely and returned an error. The work of the administrator was paralyzed.


Our work process

In order to reduce the load on the database, our developers have moved obsolete orders to separate tables for archiving. At the same time, all data was saved: archived orders can be found through a simple search and view all the details of shipment, payment, etc.

Diamandino архивирование заказов

In order to automate the archiving of orders, we have developed the following functionality: when an order is, for example, 1 year old (or some other arbitrary time set by the administrator), all order data is transferred to the archive table and this action frees up space for active orders. The action is carried out according to a given schedule using CRON.

A special script checks whether all order properties have been correctly transferred to the archive tables. If there are no errors, the order is removed from the main table. This check prevents data loss during archiving.

If you need to disable archiving for some orders, you can do it manually by editing the order.

Diamandino архивация в админке

We added custom fields to order search. Now orders can be searched not only by status, but also by customer’s phone number, country, VAT, etc.

Our work results


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Speed and performance optimization

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