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Doctomarket — intergartion
with payment service for BNPL

The Doctomarket marketplace is a niche platform for the sale of medical equipment in France.

Field: marketplace of medical equipments   Country: France   Website: Doctomarket

Main goals

The cost of medical equipment and apparatus is quite high. In order to make purchases on the marketplace more accessible, it was necessary to introduce payment by installments in several payments.

Our work process

1. Choosing a payment system for BNPL

Buyer interest in Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payments in France is growing every year. 78% of shoppers are willing to switch stores to access installment payments.

However, French regulation has its own peculiarities and it is not the easiest market for financial systems. For example, in France there is no unified system for assessing the risk and creditworthiness of the client. In addition, French regulation requires special licenses to offer payment in more than 4 installments.

Alma service appeared in France in 2019. It offers customers offline and online stores 3 payment methods:

  • payment in 2,3 or 4 payments;
  • payment in installments from 5 to 12 payments;
  • deferred payment up to +30 days.
Alma installments

2. Integration Development

There is no ready-made add-on for integrating Alma with the CS-Cart platform at the time of this writing. Therefore, we created a custom one for Doctomarket.
For our client, an installment method for 2,3 or 4 payments was needed.

  1. All necessary information about order details is displayed in CS-Cart to split payments.
  2. The client chooses the Alma payment method and the necessary information about the order is transferred to the payment service from CS-Cart.
  3. After that, the client needs to fill in only a few fields about the bank card data.

In the event that the client changes his mind about making a payment and cancels the selected payment method, he is automatically sent back to the checkout page.

Merchants pay transaction fees through the Alma payment service in full or in installments.
At the same time, the service can independently request additional information if there are any doubts about the reliability of the client, for example, access via API to a bank statement.

3. Display order details and widget

  • The client does not need to remember about payments, he can find all the information in his profile, section “My orders”. It displays the paid payments, the dates of the next payments and the amounts.
  • The Alma widget is displayed on every product page. The client immediately sees how much it will cost to pay for the selected equipment in installments for 2, 3 or 4 payments. The widget is also displayed in the shopping cart and at the checkout stage.
Alma widgets

Our work results

Thanks to the implemented installment payments:

The Doctomarket marketplace gains a competitive advantage in its niche and increases the conversion rate.

Customers receive a flexible payment system when placing an order.

It is now easier for vendors to sell high-value goods.

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