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Acceleration of the mobile version by 4.5 times and automation of inventory control

ieDepot sells a wide range of tools, from angle grinders to welding equipment. The products are sold in a store in Lochrain (Ireland) and delivered throughout the country through the website www.ieDepot.ie. Unlike many other online tool shops in Ireland and the UK most of the items are in stock and are shipped the same day as ordered.

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Field: tools and equipment sales   Country: Ireland   Website ieDepot

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Main goals

Our work process

1. Speed ​​up CS-Cart

About 350 categories were represented in the online store. Due to such a high amount of products, the mobile version was very slow. The first measurements through Google PageSpeed ​​Insights returned depressing results in the red zone – 19 out of 100.

The pages of the site consist of many blocks, which means we receive a lot of queries to the database. The solution is to cache blocks on the page, by doing this instead of processing blocks every time, you can process them once and put them in the cache. Data from the cache will be given instantly.

The second step was to optimize the size of the images. All images were compressed without loss of quality.

These measures accelerated page loading by 4.5 times. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights scores are now in the green zone at 90 out of 100. This is a great score that is important for both user experience and search engines.

ieDepot скорость мобильной версии до До
ieDepot скорость мобильной версии после После
ieDepot стикеры доставки
2. Packaging stickers

In order to make it easier for ieDepot to ship the products packaging should include all of the order information. We have added a section for customizing stickers to the admin panel. The administrator enters the necessary information about the order, and the warehouse workers print it on a sticker and stick it on the package. This greatly facilitates the work of the delivery service.

3. Automation of accounting for products in the warehouse

ieDepot has most of its products in stock, allowing them to be shipped the same day they are ordered. This is great news for customers, but at the same time it is a huge burden on warehouse workers. To facilitate their work, we have implemented a system for accounting for balances and searching for products by barcode.

A barcode scanner is connected to the computer in the warehouse. When a product arrives, the administrator scans the barcode on it, and the product information is automatically uploaded to CS-Cart. No manual input is required. Also, the barcode accounting system is used when packing products: before packing you need to scan the barcode, and then this product will be marked as packed in the order. This helps to correctly take into account the product status and not miss anything.

ieDepot сканер штрих-кодов
4. Possibility to buy products in installments

In the ieDepot online store, you can apply for product purchase in installments. In the administrative panel, the monthly payment and the loan term are configured depending on the cost of the products. The buyer can find out this information on the product page and, if everything suits him, fill out a feedback form for obtaining a loan.

ieDepot кредит
ieDepot настройки кредитной системы

A loan specialist from ieDepot will call him back and clarify everything he needs. For the feedback form, an extended modification is used: fields can be configured, added and removed.

5. Flexible management of administrator rights
ieDepot расширенная настройка прав

The client has many employees working with CS-Cart. In order to limit the access of personnel to the capabilities of the administrative panel, we have made a modification with which you can fine-tune the rights of administrators. They will have different access to add-ons, different privileges for working with products and printing documents. You can set access to the catalog: for example, not all administrators can delete products. Advanced access rights settings minimizes the risk that one of the employees will disrupt the work of CS-Cart.

6. Usability improvement

We have significantly improved the usability of the storefront and added features to stimulate sales:

ieDepot баннер
Для примера: так выглядит один из рекламных баннеров

Our work results


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Speed and performance optimization

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