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k9 Shop

K9 Shop — Store Upgrade
and Functionality Improvement

K9 Shop stands out as an online retailer specializing in equipment and products for animals. What distinguishes K9 Shop from other pet stores is its substantial expertise in training dogs, including work with police and intelligence agencies.

With this expertise, K9 Shop is well-versed in understanding the needs of dogs and their owners.

Field: sale of pet products   Country: Netherlands   Website: K9 Shop

Client problem

We’ve had a long-standing partnership with K9 Shop, providing regular assistance with enhancements and upgrades. This time, the store sought our help not only with platform upgrades but also with redesigning. Furthermore, they encountered challenges with maintaining accounting records and managing other sales channels, such as marketplaces.

Main goals:

  1. Platform upgrade
  2. Store redesign
  3. Implement accounting automation
  4. Enhance Vendiro integration for multi-platform sales

What have we done

1. Upgrade CS-Cart

We regularly upgrade the store, beginning with version 4.1.3, and we have now upgraded it to version 4.16.1 (at the time of composing this article).

Why upgrade your store’s platform?

  • Add new features and functionality
  • Speed up your store’s work
  • Add security upgrades
  • Maintaining older versions is expensive
cs-cart upgrades

2. The website and checkout page have undergone a redesign

The UX design on critical pages like checkout is of utmost significance as this is where conversions take place. Competent UX ensures that users seamlessly navigate from one step to another, ultimately achieving their desired goal. It’s vital for the checkout process to be simple and user-friendly.

We have slightly changed the design of the pages and added a more modern look to them

For some products you can add your own text, for example the dog's name

3. Enhanced integration with Vendiro

Vendiro seamlessly integrates e-commerce platforms with over 70 popular marketplaces in Europe, including Bol.com, Amazon, and Real.de. This solution streamlines pricing, orders, and returns automation. However, the specific catalog upload from Vendiro is incompatible with CS-Cart, leading our client to manage two separate catalogs simultaneously.


We made an automatic editor that uploads a file with products once a day, converts it and transfers it to CS-Cart. Also in the opposite direction: the file with orders placed in the store is converted and transferred to Vendiro. This simplifies sales statistics and eliminates duplicates. Now data transfer is carried out completely without the participation of the administrator.

CS-Cart integration with Vendiro

4. Implement accounting automation

The client’s accounting was carried out manually, without the use of automation tools. And there were many difficulties with providing data to the tax office. It was difficult to confirm accounting adjustments for returns.


We automatically processed orders once a day, generated paid invoices in PDF format and stored them on the server. When the administrator needs to provide data, he will simply download the required period and provide the data.
To prevent issues with incomplete tax returns, the store generates the required adjustment file each month, considering factors such as delivery, discount purchases, returned items, and paid.

Bulk print PDF CS-Cart

Work Results

The website now offers a seamless customer experience and an appealing visual design.

The introduction of accounting automation saves administrators time.

Integrating the catalog with the marketplace minimizes errors and broadens sales opportunities.


We’ll create a relevant design, renew site structure and make a clear interface.

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