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Labebe Boutique is an attractive online store for comfortable shopping

The Labebe Boutique online store offers high quality baby products for gentle care and a safe environment.

The main priorities of the company are the trust and recognition of customers. Therefore, Labebe Boutique focuses on natural products, service and fast delivery.

Field: online store of baby products   Country: Georgia   Website: Labebe Boutique

Client problem

The client contacted us with a ready-made design and layout that he wanted to integrate on the site. But the finished layout was not suitable for CS-Cart.
The customer also wanted to improve the functionality in order to create a positive experience of interaction with the site and increase the involvement of buyers.

Main goals:

  1. Implement page layout in accordance with the customer’s design layout.
  2. Improve the functionality of the store for comfortable shopping.

Our work process

#1 Modified the entire layout according to the customer’s design layout

When our developers looked at the layout code, it turned out that it is not suitable for integration on the site:

  • Firstly, the design layout was different from the finished layout.
  • Secondly, the finished layout contained static html/css/js files. CS-Cart templates are not just an html page. They consist of blocks with their own properties and data coming from the server.
    If we used the customer’s layout, we would get static pages where you can neither add a product to the cart nor set a rating.
  • Thirdly, the work of the new functionality that the customer wanted to make also had to be combined with the required layout.

As a result, the decision was to make the layout from scratch, but according to the customer’s design.

Also, at the request of the client, we redesigned the fonts so that they fit 3 languages: Russian, Georgian, English. It will now be easy and simple for a user from any country to read and perceive content.


1.1 Attractive homepage

  • Banners reflect the main advantages and values ​​of the online store: natural and high-quality materials, care and safety, trust and a lifetime guarantee.
  • Stylized brand page, block with the best products. The ability to immediately go to the catalog of the desired products shortens the user’s path to the moment of making a purchase.
  • Reviews and questions will help customers make a buying decision faster.

1.2 Catalog and product pages

  • Catalog sections with attractive covers, the ability to postpone, buy directly from the catalog, filters and sorting, reviews and questions – everything serves for a comfortable interaction with the site.
  • In the product page, you can ask a question, add it to a comparison, or share a link.
  • The “Related Products” block will offer alternative items and accessories, which will help increase the average check. The administrator can set preferences based on cost, features, or category.

1.3 Gift certificate page

Gift certificates are placed on a separate page and fixed in the site header.

Labebe - Gifts page

1.4 Mobile front-end development

The shopping process is comfortable not only on the PC version, but also on any mobile device. All store pages are adapted to any device thanks to responsive web design.

Labebe - mobile frontend dev

#2 We made the checkout simple and clear

We’ve improved the checkout and made it step-by-step, as this is an important page on the customer’s path to purchase. All required fields are grouped by steps.

Each step is a separate page: Delivery – Contacts – Payment – Confirmation.

The progress bar gives an idea at what stage the buyer is now and how many steps are ahead. Customers know exactly what needs to be done. At the same time, the buyer always has the opportunity to go back a step or postpone the order.

Labebe - checkout way

#3 Added a Blog to attract new visitors

A blog on a website is one of the powerful tools for attracting traffic and visitors.

Labebe Boutique is more than just an online store. One of the goals of the site is to become a reliable partner and “best friend” for young parents. Here you can not only find high-quality children’s products, but also ask for advice, get an answer to a question.

The blog provides a structure with customizable categories and sections, search for navigation, time to read.

And so that visitors not only read articles, but also buy, you can attach products related to the topic to publications.

SEO data is automatically generated and new pages are included in the sitemap.

Labebe - Blog

Work results

The individual design of the customer is now made on the site in a high-quality and correct execution.

Now the online store has become a tool that:

Reflects all the benefits of shopping on the Labebe Boutique website.

Helps to find and choose high-quality baby products.

Makes the shopping process simple and comfortable on any device.

Helps young parents to find answers and get help with their concerns.

Customer Feedback

"Working with you is very comfortable! I am very glad that we made the right choice and got what we needed. Thank you very much to you and your team."
Karen Khachaturiani
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