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Sale of signaling equipment and special equipment for cars

Since 2002, Led Outfitters has been a supplier of high quality emergency lighting for Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Construction, Tow Trucks and Personal Vehicles.

Their products meet the high standards and requirements of state and municipal organizations. The main task of Led Outfitters is to meet high standards of safety in extreme conditions.

Field: Sale of signaling equipment and special equipment for cars   Country: USA   Website: LEDOutfitters

Client’s problem

The client’s website has been running on the CS-Cart platform since 2005. During all this time, there have been no significant design updates. Over such a long period of time online buyers have become accustomed to modern models of interaction in the online environment.
The client contacted us in order to analyze marketing tools and implement them on the website, update the store and create a new design that is relevant to the new requirements.

Main goals

  • Create a new store design that meets modern usability requirements
  • Implement marketing tools aimed at increasing conversions
  • Update the platform

How we did it

Research of the target audience and competitors

The target audience of the customer is municipal organizations: police, ambulance, fire service, as well as cargo carriers, snow removal and road repair companies. Since the work of these services takes place in difficult and extreme conditions, safety and high quality is an important criteria when choosing an equipment supplier.

After analyzing the websites of competitors, we found out areas for growth and highlighted the main advantages of the client.
The site should convey to the audience guarantees of equipment reliability, fast service and reflect the trust in customers.

Prototyping and development of a new design

We prototyped the main pages in order to fix usability bugs and create a new way to interact with users

The ready-to-go website theme did not fit the requirements of our client, so we created a custom design from scratch. The new layout focuses on large typography and illustrations with an emphasis on the already classic needs of the client – the clarity and intuitiveness of design. We picked up and divided colors and fonts into basic and complementary ones.


We redesigned the logo

The main idea of ​​the logo has remained unchanged: the recognizable image of a flashing beacon is made of simple shapes plus the company name. But the fonts, colors and styles have been updated to match the new UI-kit. As a result, it has remained recognizable for old customers, but at the same time it meets new trends.

Implementation of the new design

Selected USP

The main advantages of the client were highlighted with bright banners and added to the main page to make a simple return policy, free shipping, equipment quality assurance and competitive price available at a glance.


Product categories, in addition to the standard “burger” menu, were made clear and simple on the main page. We eliminated product duplication in the catalog and added a color scheme for simple and intuitive navigation.

For the convenience of users, we added: product sorting, the ability to quickly purchase from the catalog and setting the products view (list, tiles).

Product page

We made the product page as informative as possible for the client:

  • selection of available product specifications;
  • viewing ratings and reviews, as well as the ability to ask a question, increases trust and broadcasts an open relationship with customers;
  • in addition to the text description, we added video reviews on YouTube – the expansion of visual content increases the likelihood of a purchase;
  • the ability to see how many views and purchases there were, as well as adding to favorites are simple tools that encourage purchases.

In addition, the company’s work policy is broadcast on each card: free shipping on most products, a simple return policy regardless of the reason, quality assurance.

Registration and checkout

Purchase and registration processes were not only separated for individuals and legal entities, but also simplified and made more understandable. As a result, the registration process became faster, and the client’s path to conversion was shorter.

Purchasing through a guest account simplifies the process and increases the likelihood of conversion, as the client does not need to create and verify an account.

Additional features

  • Added a subscription to updates. For the buyer, this is an opportunity to be aware of new products and discounts, as well as to monitor price changes. For the customer, collecting subscribers is an opportunity to create a full-fledged email marketing, increase sales and shorten the purchase cycle.
  • Thanks to the Advanced Email Marketing modular solution, the customer can collect and analyze information, remind about abandoned carts, manage the customer lifecycle and maximize the return on subscriptions.
  • Reviews and comments about purchased products provide the most useful and detailed information, generate additional content and increase customer confidence.
  • In addition, after updating the platform and optimizing video content, the speed of the online store has increased.

Work results

It was important for us not just to create a beautiful selling website that meets the latest trends in UX / UI design. An important priority was to preserve and reflect the individuality of the client, emphasize the main advantages and implement them on the site.

As a result, we received an updated online store with clear USPs and modern sales marketing tools.

Shop before redesign

Shop after redesign

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