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A marketplace based in Uzbekistan that sells textiles, fabrics and accessories

The MATO is a niche marketplace that brings together not only retail chains and sellers of textile products, but also large manufacturers in Uzbekistan. As a result, the marketplace allows you to sell and buy any textile products in wholesale and retail.

Field: wholesale and retail sales of textiles and fabrics   Country: Uzbekistan  
Website: MATO

Main goals

Our client had an online store selling textile products, which received many offers from retailers and manufacturers with an offer to sell their goods. So the idea came up to create a niche marketplace, a trading platform tailored for a focused client for wholesale and retail sales.

To make the marketplace successful it was necessary to:

  1. Create attractive cooperation conditions for vendors.
  2. Offer a convenient service for buyers.

Our work process

We chose the multifunctional CS-Cart Ultimate for marketplaces as a to go platform.

It allows you to create custom showcases for each vendor. Default version already includes many tools to attract and motivate vendors.
If you need to scale the marketplace, the platform will allow you to enter new markets without much effort and large budgets.

Business is easy to localize to new countries thanks to:

  • multicurrency;
  • flexible tax settings;
  • variety of payment and delivery options;
  • 26 built-in languages.

We developed integrations to adapt the marketplace to the country

Separate checkout fields for individuals and legal entities allow you to quickly make a purchase both at retail and wholesale.

There is an easy way to pay, thanks to the popular payment services of Uzbekistan – PayMe and Octo. They allow you to pay for purchases both on the website and in mobile applications using cards of international payment systems while ensuring security.

We developed an add-on for integration with the OFD system and each vendor has its own block with OFD settings. This is mandatory for each of the vendors who want to use payment methods that work through OFD.UZ

Loyalty programs for customers encourage repeat purchases and increase marketplace profits. Gift certificates and promo codes are included in the standard version of the platform. In addition, we have introduced the ability to pay with bonus points through the UDS application.

To expand sales channels and make products more accessible we developed an integration with the ZoodMall international trading platform. The platform operates in 7 countries of Asia and the Middle East and will help sellers on Mato to find the first buyers in the countries of the Silk Road.

Integration with the Billz program simplifies retail sales for vendors and automates the accounting of products, customers and finances in one place.

Vendor functionality

The marketplace provides vendor ratings and different tariff plans. But in order to make the website really attractive, vendors on the marketplace can create their own online store with a separate domain name.

Thus, in order for a bed linen retailer to open his online store, he just needs to create his account on the Mato marketplace and set up the accounts in ZoodMall and Billz. The marketplace takes care of transactions and all logistics.

To make it easy for vendors to open and set up their store, the marketplace has developed hint systems and added instructions for all custom functionality: from quick connection to public delivery methods to setting up an online checkout and signing an OFD certificate.

Detailed analytics

We helped to create custom reports in Google Analytics for a comprehensive assessment of the marketplace performance, user behavior analysis from entering the site to purchasing a product. Vendors can see the entire route of how their products ended up in the cart, evaluate the effectiveness of their store’s sales funnel, and receive recommendations for improving user experience.

Our work results

We launched the MVP version with wide functionality and convenient partnership for vendors, with the ability to sell their products in other countries. We developed integrations for the ecommerce market of Uzbekistan in order to make shopping on Mato simple and affordable.


There are plans to expand the range of products from new niches, expand the geography of sales and attract foreign vendors to the marketplace.

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