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Design development and integration according to client's layouts

Merida supplies hotels, hostels, fitness centers and other premises with cleaning and hygiene products. The peculiarity of the work is that the company operates only within the Kaliningrad region.

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Field: sale of cleaning products   Country: Russia  
Website Merida

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Main goals

The client asked us to redesign his online store. He had preliminary page layouts in the form of images and a text document describing what should be contained on these pages.

This online store mainly operates in the B2B model and offers special delivery conditions for legal entities. This requires you to enter more information when placing an order. Therefore, we had to make the site more informative and convenient for both B2B and B2C clients before proceeding with the design development.

Our work process

1. Design

We developed page prototypes, approved them with the client, and integrated the new design. The result is a light appearance of the site taking into account the corporate color. Nothing distracts from the product purchase but at the same time, there is enough information for the buyer to easily navigate in the catalog and place an order.

  • Detailed two-level catalog
  • Detailed product image can be zoomed
  • Search with intellectual hints
  • There are specific instructions for the disinfectant products.Client company can find your field in the proposed list and download the instructions. This assures that they will apply the disinfectant product to the room properly.
  • Merida company has its own courier service. Orders that cost more than 1000 rubles are delivered free of charge within the city, orders that cost less than 1000 rubles require the shipping cost calculation depending on buyer’s location.
  • Product images are not loaded immediately when the page is opened, but as it scrolls. This helped improve performance and load product listings quickly.
merida product
2. SEO

No design will save an online store that is poorly ranked by search engines. To improve the position of the site in the search results, we carried out thorough SEO settings.

Now, for the query “buy cleaning equipment in Kaliningrad”, the company is ranked on the first page of search results.

Our work results


Functionality Development
SEO Promotion

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