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An online store for children's and household products

The Podguznikoff online store is a reliable and proven supplier of everything necessary for maternity and children from birth. Due to the fact that the online store purchases goods directly from manufacturers, the prices in it are lower than those of competitors.

Field: sales of children's and household products   Country: Russia  
Website: Podguznikoff

Client problems and tasks

Podguznikoff.ru is an online store operating in Moscow and the Moscow region. It has partners from other cities who sell similar products under the Podguznikoff brand. However, the product base, inventory balances and prices for each store are different. The client decided to combine the entire business on one site, but the platform on which he worked was not suitable for this.

  • Store migration to CS-Cart without data loss
  • Design integration based on Youpi theme
  • CommerceML modification
  • Independent showcases for regions

Our work process

Moving to CS-Cart

We transferred the data of the client’s online store to the CS-Cart Ultimate multi-store platform, designating Moscow and the Moscow Region as the main storefront of the seller. Additional showcases were created for regional promotion. All existing processes and store data were preserved.

All storefronts are managed from one administrative panel, but regional administrators can be provided with the different access rights.

Design on a turnkey solution

The client chose the Youpi theme as the basis for the design. The choice of a standard solution allowed him to significantly save the budget. Even taking this into account, the Podguznikoff online store does not look like other stores using the Youpi theme since we have redesigned many elements.

We removed unnecessary items in the menu, redesigned the product list page and the product detail page. Each element brings the user closer to making a purchase.

On the right in the checkout there is a floating block with products. A convenient feature is that products are hidden while scrolling.

Transfer of the loyalty system without losing user data

The old version of the Podguznikoff store had a loyalty program for customers functioning for a long time. The store’s clients collected purchases for a certain amount and received a status that gave them bonuses on their next purchase.

We implemented the same system on CS-Cart Ultimate. At the same time, we transferred data about all customers from the old store and assigned them the same status that they had in the old version.

On the storefront side it looks like a block of bonus points under the price of the product. The buyer can see how many points he will receive upon purchase. If the user is authorized on the store, then his current status will be highlighted.

CommerceML is a standard add-on for exchanging online store data with accounting systems: 1C, MySklad, Class365. By default, changing the status of an order from 1C occurs directly in the database and is not displayed in CS-Cart. Because of this, the client had difficulties in acquiring bonus points. CS-Cart simply did not determine that the order was completed and points could be awarded. We set the exchange with 1C in such a way that the status “Completed” comes to CS-Cart through a standard function first, and only then it changes in the database. By doing this we eliminated all the failures in scoring points.

Unit price for products sold in packs

In order for the buyer to know exactly which packaging is more profitable, and not to calculate the price per unit in products that come in packs (for example, diaper packaging), we made an automatic unit price calculation for such products.

In order to do this, we have improved the product entity itself in the store: the system now calculates the price per unit for all the composite products. The product page displays both the price per package and the price per unit.

A block with products similar to the selected one, but with a lower price per unit, is automatically generated. The system compares prices and highlights the best offer.

Convenient registration

We improved the account registration: the buyer registers by phone number, specifies e-mail. And when entering your personal account, it uses what is more convenient for him as a login.

When placing an order, you can choose either to register or to log in as a guest.

The buyer himself indicates whether he needs a call back

Many buyers do not like it when the store manager calls back and clarifies the details of the order. Especially for them, we added a checkbox: the buyer checks the box, the manager sends the order. It’s simple: no extra calls.

Automation of administrator’s actions

The online store accumulated a cache of stored pages, which clogged the server space and slowed down the system. We suggested to the customer that this problem should be solved by using our Automatic Administrator Tasks add-on.

This add-on is useful not only because it automatically cleans the page cache, but also automates other routine tasks in the online store:

  • data export/import;
  • clearing the cache;
  • file backup;
  • deleting logs, etc.

Our work results

  • The new stylish design attracts the attention of buyers.
  • Convenient management of the different storefronts from a single admin panel.
  • Calculation of delivery depending on the distance from the Moscow Ring Road.
  • A user-friendly product page structure and an integrated reward points system help drive sales.
  • Saving administrator’s time.
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