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Functional Online Store With a Completely Custom Design

RUSHEV is a unique jewelry project that was established in 2010. All products are carefully handmade and produced in limited editions.

The brand is built on the main concept of making everyday life exceptional. On the website, you have the opportunity to customize your own jewelry to complement any style and individual character.

Field: sale of designer jewelry   Country: Russia   Website: RUSHEV

Client problem

The RUSHEV brand stands out for its bold and vibrant character. Each piece of jewelry combines symbolism, uniqueness, and simple design. In the fashion world, accessories should be customized to complement the ensemble. They reflect not only the mood but also the full personality. That’s why all products are handcrafted in limited editions. Moreover, the collection is updated with new hits every 2-3 months.

In order to capture the true essence of the brand and create an appealing appearance, the website showcase was developed using vue.js and connected to the CS-Cart Admin panel via API. However, due to the self-written nature of the solution, it had numerous issues: the checkout process did not function properly, delivery calculations were inaccurate, and all orders had to be manually created in CS-Cart.

Consequently, the online store did not fully function.

Main goals:

  1. We proposed developing our own theme utilizing the native CS-Cart storefront to ensure easy and convenient store management.
  2. This involves customizing and adapting the design of the standard CS-Cart theme for each store page to meet the specific requirements of our customer.

What have we done

Home page

The home page is the face of the company, and in our case, the brand. It plays an important role in the client’s desire to stay on the site and continue searching for products. Therefore, we have integrated important features for the main page:

We included dynamic banners

with the ability to upload captivating videos. In the flow of information, a video is more eye-catching and attention-grabbing than a static picture. Furthermore, videos enhance trust and boost website conversions.

Here the customer can see the most popular hits of jewelry pieces. This allows the client to gain an understanding of the brand’s style and current popular items.

RUSHEV presents a unique offer

“Create your own jewelry.” By highlighting this opportunity upfront, visitors will be intrigued to explore the site further.

Create your own jewelry

Each category of the main menu on the page is highlighted with a visual

In addition to the standard sticky menu in the header, you can navigate to the desired section of the catalog directly from the main page.

Attractive photos and videos provide further insights.

Dynamically changing quote

At the footer, a dynamically changing quote

with color adaptations as you scroll adds a beautiful finishing touch.

Product catalog

The catalog grid is showcased in a unique format. Certain cards are emphasized in size, enabling users to better observe the details of the jewelry while seamlessly scrolling.

Product catalog​

Thanks to the “Labels for Products” add-on, admin can customize individual labels for selected jewelry such as “Rushev recommends” or “Nominal”.

Add a product to your favorites

You can easily add or remove favorite products with just one click. When you add a product to your favorites, a pop-up will appear, informing you about the jewelry added to your collection.

Within the catalog categories, you can choose the “Gift Certificate” option.

Traditionally, such pages tend to be mundane, featuring standard certificates. However, RUSHEV distinguishes itself with unique packaging and design, highlighted in a dedicated video.

Product page

  • We redesigned the standard gallery for the product card so that each image is displayed one below the other.

  • Different variations are available based on the material of the product.

  • For jewelry that you can assemble yourself, you can not only choose the color of the product, but also add your personal initials.
Product page

Checkout and cart

The shopping cart is set up as a pop-up window, ensuring a seamless browsing experience through the catalog and doesn’t distract from browsing it. Additionally, a notification pops up when adding jewelry to the cart.

  • The checkout process is tailored to the customer’s preferences and is divided into 2 sequential steps: selecting the delivery method and entering recipient details. Both steps are conveniently presented on a single page to convey a swift ordering process. However, progression to step 2 is only possible upon completing step 1.
  • Delivery is configured in 3 ways, one of which includes visiting the showroom, that is, pickup. To select a pickup point, we have developed a non-standard solution for CS-Cart – integration with the Yandex map. The points on the map are customized to match the brand logo; when selected, additional information will appear. Searching for the desired pick-up point on the map will show available points nearby.
Checkout and cart

Work Results

1. The website now entirely accepts and processes orders without any manual intervention. The seamless functionality is made possible through the installation and customization of Cart-Power modules, ensuring that the site meets the contemporary needs of our customers.

2. Thanks to the tremendous work of our front-end developer, the site design has been entirely tailored. It bears no resemblance to a typical CS-Cart online store; but, it mirrors the individuality, ideas, and values of each customer. Simultaneously, the administrator has the autonomy to manage design alterations independently.

“Right from the stage of evaluating the layouts, it was evident that this project would be highly captivating, both visually and technically. Such projects are rare on CS-Cart, and we endeavored to fulfill all requirements to the fullest extent by incorporating modern solutions. Undoubtedly, the work brought us immense satisfaction.”

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