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A online store of sanitary ware and bathroom accessories

Santechlux is a plumbing online store with an assortment of 200,000 products of various equipment and accessories for the bathroom. The company has been operating on the market for over 20 years and is the official dealer of well-known brands of sanitary ware and tiles.

Field: sale of sanitary ware and accessories   Country: Russia  
Website: Santechlux

Main goals

The owner had a ready-made store, developed for an individual request. The range of products is very large, with many features and options. In addition, the site has implemented a lot of custom improvements and solutions. As a result, the pages have been loaded very slowly.

  1. Fix bugs and increase the speed of the online store.
  2. Platform update.
  3. Improve usability for customers.
  4. Create integrations with external services in order to increase conversions.

Our work process

Website audit and error correction

In order to speed up the site, we conducted a speed and performance audit, formulated a technical task and corrected errors.

Main tasks for speed optimization included:

  • Working with add-ons and templates – we refactored the code and brought it to a single standard. As a result, the code has become simpler and more readable for machines, and therefore faster.
  • Installing the SEO for Filters add-on, tweaking according to current links and creating 301 redirects from the old links.
  • We switched to the MySQLi extension in order to improve the work with the database.

Additional solutions to increase the speed of the site:

  • Setting up a block cache. Now, when reloading any page, it loads 1.5-2 times faster.
  • We added lazy loading for blocks, images and heavy content. If it is located outside the visible area of ​​the screen or it does not need to be shown to the client immediately. Images on the page are not loaded all at once, but as the user scrolls to the required page area. This helped improve performance and use site resources sparingly.
  • We optimized search performance on the site. The longer the search results take to load, the more likely it is that the visitor will leave the page without waiting for the search results.
    Each search query on the Santechlux website includes many characteristics. As you can see in the image below, there are more than 900 products in the search results for “shower cabin”. Previously, this request was loaded for about 2 minutes, after code optimization, the request was loaded in less than a second.

Website platform and theme update

While updating the client’s site we encountered layout display errors. We have updated the theme based on the standard Responsive theme, leaving unique templates. It does not affect the platform core files. As a result, updates are easy and painless to apply and it is possible, if necessary, to refine the design.

Features developed

  • Unit conversion add-on for oversized goods. Now the buyer does not need to calculate how many packs of bathroom tiles he needs to buy in 3 sq.m. The system will do this automatically and show how many pieces are in each package and how many square meters it will cover. The price will also be recalculated, depending on the quantity of the selected product.
  • Cart auto-calculation. When removing an item from the cart, the page does not need to be updated, the price is recalculated automatically.
  • The ability to collect sets of products while staying on one page. The system offers products of various categories that may be useful along with the already selected product. By clicking on additional products, the buyer can collect the entire bathroom on one page. First, it saves the client time. And secondly, it stimulates cross-selling and increases the average check.
  • Virtual categories and additional filters. The product catalog is very detailed and it includes many subcategories. In order to quickly switch and navigate through products, we have added virtual categories to the pages and the display of filters on the page.
  • Expanded the information in the product page. The website presents a large number of physical stores. For convenience, the product page now has a list of stores with the address, work schedule and product status: in stock or on order.
  • Since the assortment is large, special mechanisms have been developed for quickly and conveniently uploading product lists for promotion on third-party services: Yandex, Avito, Retail Rocket, Diginetica. Each service has its own individual solution.

Our work results

  • Thanks to the optimized code and bug fixes, the site loading speed increased and positions in search results improved. The number of requests has grown from 400 to 3900.
  • Search time on a site with an assortment of 200K products was reduced from 2 minutes to less than a second.
  • Thanks to integration with third-party services, the site received additional promotion channels. As a result, the site’s traffic grew to 100,000 visits per month. Sales increased 3 times.
  • Updating the store is easy and it excludes the possibility of design errors.
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