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Complete update of the online motorcycle store

Steelracing is an online store of various motorcycle equipment from scooters to snowmobiles with a delivery service throughout Russia. Working directly with motorcycle manufacturers allows the store to set low prices and guarantee fast order fulfillment.

Field: sale of motorcycles at affordable prices   Country: Russia   Website: Steelracing

Client problem

The client’s store was built on WordPress with an e-commerce module. This CMS is well suited for online stores with a small product range of up to 100 units. But our client has more than 2000 of them.

  • To implement all the capabilities of a full-fledged online store with delivery, you need to install additional modules and extensions.
  • New blocks and website elements cannot be adapted to the business design.
  • Due to the lack of technical support, all improvements and changes are made independently or through third-party programmers.

As a result, the online store did not look attractive, and management became difficult.

Main goals

  1. Transfer the client’s store to CS-Cart while maintaining the site structure and all content on the pages.
  2. Develop an up-to-date design and integrate it on the website.

What have we done

1. Created a migration plan map and transferred data

For the client, it was important that all content be preserved on each page. For migration, we chose a license for online stores and UniTheme to develop further design. CS-Cart is ideal for an online store, it allows the client to independently add blocks and effectively manage the site. The variety of delivery methods covers the client’s main USP – fast delivery to any region.
We described the site structure and made a plan to transfer all the data.

2. Developed a new design based on the UniTheme template for each page

steelracing home page before As it was before
Steelracing homepage after How is it now


  • The main advantages are clearly marked and complemented by icons.
  • More space was allocated and allocated for the catalogue.
  • Added your own style to the headings.

Product Catalog

  • Now you can get to the catalog through a separate button in the header from any part of the site.
  • View the catalog in a list or table.
  • Convenient filters and important information.
As it was before
Steelracing product catalog after How is it now
Steelracing product card before As it was before
How is it now

Product Card

  • We saved all the content, but grouped it and designed it in a corporate style.
  • The product photo feed is not hidden in the slider.

Added Bright Graphics and Individual Style

  • Dynamic catalog with attractive graphics.
  • Important filters have been highlighted.
  • Illustrations on important buttons make them stand out from the general content.

Optimized Everything for Mobile Devices

A website adapted for mobile devices provides a more convenient and pleasant user experience, and better attracts and retains customers. It also improves SEO indicators and increases visibility in search engines.

steelracing mobile

Work Results

We expanded the capabilities of operating and managing an online store by migrating to CS-Cart:

1. Now you can easily add and manage new items, so that the store administrator can handle it himself.

2. The store is completely ready to re-optimize the content.

The new website design creates a pleasant user experience for customers:

3. The hierarchy and balance of elements on the page groups the content so that the search for the necessary motorcycle equipment is simple.

4. Bright graphics and corporate identity immerse in learning and motivate the buyer to convert.

Migration to CS-Cart

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