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A dental equipment online store

Stomdevice sells dental products: professional instruments, consumables and equipment. Prompt deliveries directly from manufacturers in Russia and CIS countries.

Field: sales of medical and dental equipment and other consumables  
Country: Russia   Website: Stomdevice

Client’s Description

Stomdevice regularly participates in international and regional exhibitions, and cooperates with global brands in the dental industry. The online store blog features the latest dental news and equipment reviews so that customers can learn everything about the product they need before buying.

Our goal was to make a user-friendly interface for individuals and legal entities.

Our work process

Improved brand page

For dental clinics it is often important to buy a product of a certain brand or country of origin. For example, one of the buyers trusts equipment and components exclusively made in Germany, while the other equips his dental office only with brands from Israel.

For such cases, we have customized and improved the brands page. In addition to the standard alphabetical order, we assigned a new characteristic to all brands — the country of origin, and added a filter by country in a separate block. For clarity, the producing countries are indicated not by text but by their flags.

Now the customer can simply click on the country flag and the page will sort the brands by their country of origin.

For example, by clicking on the flag of Austria, you will get a selection of Austrian dental equipment brands.

Number of available products is indicated near each brand and each name is clickable. From here you can go to the page of any brand and continue to make purchases as usual.

Creation and sending of a commercial offer online

Since the scope of Stomdevice is B2B segment, buyers do not always simply add the necessary products to the cart and place orders on their own. Very often the transactions are made outside of the online store with the personal participation of sales managers. They personally call up representatives of dental clinics, select the most suitable products for them and then sign supply contracts.

We’ve developed an ability to generate commercial offers online during a conversation or after it is completed, so the ready commercial offer is sent to the buyer’s email with a minimum of managers’ efforts.


Whichever option the manager chooses, as a result, a form for filling out a commercial offer will be opened. Some information will already be filled in automatically, and the rest will have to be entered manually. At last, the manager clicks the “Submit” button and the commercial offer is sent to the buyer’s email.

Integration with delivery services

In order to carry out deliveries not only throughout Russia, but also to the CIS countries, different delivery methods are supported: Business Lines, Boxberry, Russian Post, CDEK, Crastin, delivery by courier. In order to determine the delivery point with an accuracy of the area, we integrated the MainMap and DaData services.

The client chooses the most convenient service in terms of cost and delivery time right on the checkout page.

Product reviews

We have added the Extended Reviews add-on in order to make information about the product as useful as possible for buyers.

Reviews not only help to get additional unique content, but they also help customers quickly make a purchase decision.

Promotions and discounts

The site has more than 9,000 products and various regular promotions and discounts. A separate section “Sale” has been added to the main menu in addition to the filters in product categories in order to draw the attention of buyers to the special offers.

The search for promotional products has become simple and fast and can be done in two clicks.

Our work results

  • Quick catalog navigation through the brands page.
  • A convenient interface for compiling and sending commercial offers to b2b clients.
  • Geolocation to accurately determine shipping costs.
  • Improved design and functionality of the product page.
Functionality Development

Extend functionality for current needs and fix old bugs

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