Upgrade policy

Cart-Power Software

Purchasing Cart-Power group of companies software, the Client chooses the update period 6, 12, 18, 24 months. The update period means that the Client can get an access to Cart-Power software released for new versions of CS-Cart software during the chosen period. Cart-Power doesn’t extend obligation on free update of software in the Client’s web-store. Cart-Power provides to the Client with updates but doesn’t promise to install them. Update works may be evaluated for the Client separately.

Cart-Power doesn’t guarantee regular software update, however, assumes an obligation to exert best efforts for keeping software up to date judging from demand on it and commercial importance of it.

Cart-Power guarantees the compatibility of Cart-Power software with versions of CS-Cart software noted in specification.

Custom project

Developing Custom project Cart-Power guarantees the compatibility of performed works only with versions of CS-Cart software pointed in specifications.

Cart-Power doesn’t guarantee the compatibility of performed works with versions of CS-Cart software not released to the moment of laying down of specification.

Cart-Power isn’t responsible for compatibility of performed works with versions of CS-Cart software not pointed in the specification of the Custom project.